After reading this, you will dislike all the sofas

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Be a happy person from tomorrow. You can sit on the magic red sofa at work and lie down after work; From tomorrow on, we should pay more attention to the quality of life, because we should spend the rest of our lives with lovers

be a happy person from tomorrow

be able to sit on the magic red sofa at work

be lazy "ge you lie down" after work

from tomorrow on, you are more concerned about the quality of life

because you want to spend the rest of your life with your lover

from tomorrow on, you should choose a comfortable sofa

give it a warm name

in a sunny afternoon, Lying on the sofa reading novels

tired, take a long nap

dream of a face to the sea, spring flowers bloom

so, how to choose a sofa that is most suitable for you and your family

first, consider the size and style

when choosing a sofa, you should first consider the proportion of the sofa in the overall space to avoid the depression of the space caused by the excessive size of the sofa. At the same time, pay attention to the harmony between the sofa style and the overall decoration style. The style and color of the sofa should be unified with the main color tone of family decoration and decoration

second, comfortable sitting is very important

a sofa that is too hard and soft will exert certain pressure on people's spine and is not suitable for normal sitting and lying of human body. The design of sieneman sofa is fashionable and novel, with a 108 ° inclination shape design, which reduces the gap between the backrest and the back and reduces the pressure on the spine. The armrest height, sitting depth and sitting height all refer to the ergonomic design, and the sitting feeling is comfortable

the cushion of this Icelandic love sofa is made of high elastic foam sponge and down. The backrest is filled with space cotton, which is soft and comfortable, with strong wrapping. The armrest is made of high elastic foam sponge, ensuring the comfort and durability of the sofa

the sofa cover is made of imported high-grade grey linen fabric, which is clean and close to the skin, has good air permeability and moisture absorption, is easy to disassemble and wash, and the color can be changed at will

third, leather or cloth

of course, you have to ask yourself this question! When choosing leather sofa, you should choose one with rich and shiny leather surface, fine texture and lines, and flexible and powerful hand feeling

this western image sofa uses the skin embryo of the first layer of calf leather in captivity as the base material, and the surface is treated with Italian technology, so the surface is smooth and soft

because the fabric sofa is easy to hang dirt, it should be easy to clean up in addition to being beautiful when purchasing. High grade fabric sofa is generally lined with cotton cloth, which is convenient for changing and washing. At the same time, good fabric has fine and smooth warp and weft lines, no jumping wires, no exposed joints, and a tight feel

this Prada sofa is made of high-grade flannelette fabric, which is non fading, non fuzzing, non pilling, anti-static, can be completely removed and washed, and is easy to clean

IV. there is a doorway in the filler

the filled sponge is divided into three types according to elasticity: high elastic, high elastic super soft and shot. Shot sponges are generally used as backrest and armrest parts, and high elastic and high elastic super soft sponges are used as seat parts

high grade sofa cushions should use high elastic foam sponges with a density of more than 30 kg/m3, and back cushions should use high elastic foam sponges with a density of more than 25 kg/m3. Under normal circumstances, the cushion of the sofa after the human body sits down is best with a depression of about 10 cm. Sieneman sofa adopts fillers higher than the standard density, which has greater elasticity and more comfortable sitting feeling

v. choose strength brands

when purchasing, try to choose brands with good popularity and reputation, with stable quality, low repair rate, long warranty period and guaranteed after-sales service. Schneiman has been focusing on full house customization for 14 years, with strong brand strength and footprint all over the world. The colors of sieneman sofa are changeable at will, and the components are combined arbitrarily to customize the sofa that is most suitable in your mind




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