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Since the full opening of the two child policy in October 2015, Many couples are busy having a second child...

since the full opening of the two child policy in October 2015

many couples are busy having a second child (shy face)

before the child is born

parents have prepared a warm children's room for him

children are most afraid of loneliness


they will prepare children to get on and off the bed

share a room

fantasize about unconstrained imagination

develop creative thinking of the brain

comments on small subjects:

getting on and off the bed of the blue ocean, small and fresh free fills the whole room, because the fence along the edge of the bed is relatively high, There is no need to worry about the danger of falling down. There is a small tent beside the bed, which is a holy land for children to play happily

small section comments:

the space under the bed is fully utilized. You can put pillows, books and toys, and you don't have to worry about storing them in the children's room anymore

small section comments:

modern style bed and bed, solid and stable curve + iron chain design, durable and safe, strong resistance to damage; Rich combination design, easy and lively levels, full of personality, is conducive to the optimistic and cheerful growth of children

small section comments:

getting on and off the bed in a staggered position is a highlight. The extra space can be built into a cabinet. With the improvement of space utilization, mothers don't have to worry that their children won't clean up when they are there

comments on small subjects:

the upper and lower bunks are made of rich colors, and a small bookshelf is made on the side, with various books placed, so that children can learn knowledge and don't forget to learn when playing

small section comments:

the upper and lower beds stand against the wall, with a Z-shaped design, and a storage cabinet with a hidden door on the upper floor, which stores rarely used bedding or clothing; Contrast drawer storage ladder is convenient for storage and access, and the two children have their own independent space

Xiaoke comments:

if both children are girls, it would be great. Building a pink castle has realized children's dreams since childhood. The stairs on both sides have increased handrails, which is safe and convenient to go up and down

small section comments:

storage function can be set next to the lower berth. Fruit green with dark blue tone, naughty and vivid, the desk beside the bed, like entering the cartoon world, makes children have unlimited reverie

small section comments:

if there are three children at home, you can consider the following layout, green bedding + football, which is very sporty. The space saved can be used to store small pillows or toys. This design of small houses also saves space

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