The spring of wall clothes is coming

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Historically speaking, wall clothing has gone through a product precipitation period in China

from the market point of view: now in China, the shadow of wall clothing is everywhere in Wanzai, Jiangxi Province, from Shanghai in the East, Yunnan in the west, Inner Mongolia in the north, Guangdong in the south, Shanghai and Beijing in the large, and Wuyuan in Inner Mongolia in the small. Take the velvet wall clothing company as an example: the company has more than 500 dealers, more than 100 agents, and more than 10 provincial agents. Its products have been exported to more than a dozen countries and regions, such as the United States, Singapore, Canada, Jordan, Palestine, Dubai, Lebanon, Iraq, Vietnam and so on. In terms of quantity and quality of products: wall clothing world. From the perspective of manufacturers: the wall clothing was originally produced abroad to domestic production, and the number of manufacturers has increased from a few to a dozen, and there are now more than 20 brands. In terms of production and construction technology: the original wall clothing products are not easy to construct, and there are a lot of defects and problems during construction. Now the product performance ratio is in place, and the construction is simple and easy, and the finished wall surface is an integral whole without any slack; The designs and styles are more popular with the public. In terms of sales mode and sales flow direction: wall clothing has developed from the original single marketing to the current sit marketing, online marketing and interlocking franchise; Products have also shifted from domestic trade to international trade. From the perspective of consumer groups: Wall clothes have been enjoyed by the original high-end entertainment venues, star rated hotels, noble and rich people, and are gradually transitioning to middle and high-end income families and the general public To sum up, the era of wall clothing is coming! The wall of our home should have its own clothes! You may also worry and say: is it too early? dear friend! Now it is 2011. With the popularization of modern information technology and the wide application of modern marketing methods, you should know the pace of modern society: the journey that took ten, twenty or even more years to go through may now be completed in only a year and a half; If you really want to wait, it may be as people say: by the time you want it, the cauliflower will be cold! Your chance is gone! So I said: www.terqy Com national toll free hotline: 400-8874288





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