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New house decoration is indeed a troublesome thing, but in general, only by mastering the new house decoration process, then the decoration is a very easy thing. Next, Xiaobian will introduce the relevant contents of the decoration steps of the new house in detail

I. preliminary design

in the preliminary design, we must also do one thing, that is to make a detailed measurement of our own room, which not only makes you accurate when purchasing building materials, but also avoids being hacked when settling accounts

the main contents of measurement include:

1 Specify the area involved in the decoration process. Especially the tiling area, wall paint area, wallpaper area and floor area

2. Specify the main wall dimensions. Especially in the future, we need to design the wall size of furniture

II. Main body demolition and reconstruction

entering the construction stage, the main body demolition and reconstruction is the first project, mainly including wall demolition, wall peeling, demolition of heating equipment, replacement of plastic steel windows, etc. To put it bluntly, it is to put up the framework of the construction site first

III. hydropower transformation

between the two links of hydropower transformation and main body demolition and transformation, some novices may know that the first measurement of cabinets should also be carried out. In fact, the first measurement of the so-called cabinet has no actual content, because the wall and ground have not been treated, the cabinet designer cannot give specific design dimensions, but just put forward some relevant suggestions on the location of the water inlet and lampblack socket reserved by the developer. It mainly includes:

1 Check whether the position of the lampblack socket affects the installation of the lampblack in the future

2. Check whether the position of the water meter is appropriate

3. Check whether the position of the water inlet is convenient for installing the water tank in the future

for the first measurement of the cabinet, a slightly experienced rookie can complete it by himself. After the waterway reconstruction is completed, it is best to do the waterproofing of the bathroom immediately. The kitchen generally does not need to be waterproof

some rookies have always believed that some main ingredients should be prepared in advance before the decoration starts. What I want to say is that unless it is the main materials needed for the main body reconstruction, the mobilization time of main materials such as ceramic tiles and large core boards should be after the hydropower reconstruction. Because if the circuit transformation involves slotting on the ground and the stacking position of ceramic tiles and large core boards is improper, it is very troublesome for workers to move around

IV. carpentry

carpentry, Mason and painter are the “ Three brothers ”, The basic appearance order is: carpenter, Mason (bricklayer), painter. The basic exit principle is who is dirty first

v. tiling

if workers are busy, the foreman will generally be in “ Carpenter boss ” Let “ The second Mason ” It's normal to put bricks on the entrance, because there is no conflict between the two

“ The second Mason ” The operation process also involves the installation of the following three links:

1 Installation of door stone and marble windowsill. The installation of the door stone can be completed together with the floor tile, or after the floor tile is paved, the marble windowsill is generally installed after the window cover is completed, and the marble installer will prepare glass glue, which will easily seal the marble and the window cover with glass glue

2. Installation of floor drain. Floor drain is the first to appear in home decoration hardware, because it should be installed together with floor tiles. Therefore, rookies should buy floor drains as soon as possible when they start shopping in the building materials market

3. Installation of range hood. The range hood is the first appliance to appear. After the kitchen wall and floor tiles are paved, you can consider installing the range hood

“ The second Mason ” After leaving the site, you can make an appointment for the second measurement of the cabinet. To be exact, after the kitchen wall and floor tiles are pasted and the range hood is installed, you can make an appointment for the second measurement of the cabinet

VI. brush wall paint

third in line oil worker ” Enter the site, mainly to complete the wall base treatment, paint finish, and paint “ Carpenter boss ” Paint furniture, etc. To prepare to paste wallpaper, just let “ Oil worker's junior ” It is OK to do base treatment on the wall where wallpaper is planned to be pasted

at this time, when “ Boss &rdquo& ldquo; Second &rdquo& ldquo; Third ” After leaving one after another, many rookies will think that their decoration is over. In fact, according to the number of links, less than one third of them. The reason why we have this feeling is that people generally understand that decoration is only decoration “ Construction link ”, In fact, the decoration “ Installation link ” It is also the focus of decoration

VII. Kitchen and bathroom ceiling

as the kitchen and bathroom ceiling that takes the lead in the installation process, it is still continuing to be home “ Packaging ”. In the kitchen and bathroom ceiling at the same time, the moisture-proof ceiling lamp and exhaust fan (Yuba) of the cupboard and bathroom should have been bought. Rookies had better install ceiling lights and exhaust fans (Yuba) at the same time, or leave thread ends and holes

VIII. Cabinet installation

after the ceiling is completed, you can ask the cabinet to be installed on the door. If it goes well, it can be completed in one day. At the same time, there are water tanks (excluding plumbing parts) and gas stoves installed. It is best to coordinate with the property to connect the gas before the installation of cabinets, because the gas stoves need to be tested after installation

IX. wooden door installation

on the second day of cabinet installation, the wooden door should have been measured more than a month ago, and now it can be installed. If it goes well, it is also a day's time. When installing the door, the hinges, door locks, floor mats, and novices should prepare the relevant hardware in advance

[note] the manufacturing cycle of wooden doors is generally one month. Therefore, in order to closely connect the construction period, it is necessary to ask the wooden door manufacturer to come to the door as soon as possible after the main body is demolished and modified to measure the size of the door opening. As for the treatment of the door opening, we need to pay attention to one thing. If the height of the door opening at home is inconsistent, the workers need to treat it as equal height to look good

X. floor installation

the floor can be installed on the second day after the wooden door is installed. If successful, it is also a day's time. The following problems should be paid attention to in floor installation:

1 Before floor installation, it is best to ask the manufacturer to come to investigate whether the ground needs to be leveled or partially leveled

2. Before the installation of the floor, the floor paved at home should be cleaned to ensure that the floor is dry, so do not use water during the cleaning process

Xi. Lay wallpaper

on the second day of floor installation, after cleaning up the house, you can make an appointment to lay wallpaper. If it goes well, it's also a day. If possible, the floor should be protected on the day when the wallpaper is laid; It doesn't matter if there's no condition. It's no problem to hand over the wallpaper glue left on the cleaning floor to pioneer cleaning. Before laying wallpaper, try to “ Don't have anything &rdquo

12. Installation of switch socket

the socket is connected with three lines, according to the left zero line and the right live line, and the ground wire is inserted in the middle. General sockets have indications, the live wire is l, the zero wire is n, and the ground wire is a symbol. One end of the switch is connected to the live wire, and the other end is connected to the electric appliance or light, which is OK

XIII. Installation of lamps

installation of lamps, there is nothing to say. After installing the lamp, the house lights up, saying goodbye to the dazzling glare of the 100 watt incandescent bulb during the decoration

XIV. Hardware installation

the plumbing fittings, bathroom hangers, toilets, clothes hangers, etc. bought before the installation are installed together

those in front “ Bulky ” After the installation, the family is still very “ Raw and cold ”, After the lights and hardware are installed, the family will “ Live ” Yes, really “ Live ” Yes. It's no exaggeration to say that when you turn on the tap for the first time and watch the water flow, your heart will be very beautiful; You will feel a sense of accomplishment when you visit the newly installed toilet at home for the first time. By the way, you can give it a good name: “ Virgo &rdquo

XV. Installation of curtain rod

the installation of curtain rod marks the basic end of home decoration

XVI. Pioneer cleaning

do not install curtains before pioneer cleaning. When pioneering and cleaning, do not have furniture and unnecessary household appliances at home, and try to keep more “ Plane ”, So that pioneer cleaning can be cleaned thoroughly

XVII. Furniture mobilization

the purchase time of furniture should be at the earliest after the water and electricity transformation is completed. Only in this way can we roughly know the basic size range of furniture. Some rookies are in a hurry to order all the furniture before the decoration starts, which is not necessary

18. Household appliances enter the site

at this time, the household appliances that should enter the site, the installation that should be installed, are ready to move in

19. Home soft decoration

home accessories are the last step of home decoration, and decoration has been transformed into decoration, including the installation of curtains, which belong to the furniture accessories link. As for buying curtains, it's best to order furniture to avoid style conflict

furniture accessories also include some green plants, wall paintings, and handicrafts &hellip& hellip;& hellip;& hellip; In short, after you check in, you can play freely. By this time, you have been promoted from a rookie to a decoration master

editor's summary: I'll introduce the relevant contents of the decoration steps of the new house first. I hope it will be helpful to you. More wonderful information is here




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