Defrosting skills for automobile glass in the cold

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There are skills to defrost the car glass in cold winter: it is better to be clever than reckless in winter, when the car is parked outdoors overnight, the windshield glass often frosts the next day, which is probably one of the most headache problems for car owners without a garage. In this regard, the experts of fast car snatching remind the majority of motorists that the car defrosting should be skillful rather than reckless. Wisdom is often more effective than brute force

in cold winter, when the car glass is frosted, the safest traditional method is to warm up the car in advance and blow the frosting with warm air. However, it is found that the travel of the actuator in the workstation is only ± 10mm, which should be ± 50mm under normal conditions. At this time, there is a problem in the system setting. This method takes some time. It should be noted that snow scraper, cloth and card cannot be used to wipe the frost on the glass. Because it is windy in winter, the electronic universal testing machine has software and hardware, and there will be a lot of fine dust in the frost. The result of using tools to scrape the frost is equivalent to using fine sandpaper to polish the glass, and your window will soon become frosted glass. Also remind you not to use cold water or hot water! The cold water will freeze the glass, and the hot water can directly cause the glass to burst

our experts do not recommend that some riders sprinkle Baijiu or alcohol on the windshield to defrost. If alcohol is spilled, it will flow down the rain deflector directly, which will make alcohol contact with many rubber parts on the car body and cause some corrosion or damage to the rubber parts. Therefore, this method is not recommended

at present, some anti frosting methods are favored by many riders. For example, the car owner can cover the whole vehicle with professional clothes after parking at night. Here we do not recommend newspapers and ordinary cloth to cover the glass, because in severe cold weather, such items may be frozen on the glass or blown away by strong winds

another way to prepare for a rainy day is to open the windows or doors before reaching the parking place at night or after the car is parked and stalled, and then close, close and lock the car when the temperature inside the car drops to the outdoor temperature. Since there is no temperature difference between the inside and outside of the car, the water vapor in the air is not easy to condense on the windows, so frost can be prevented from the source

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