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According to the news on December 7, Beijing time, according to foreign media reports, Samsung Corporation of South Korea recently released a video about the concept display screen, which demonstrates in detail a transparent, flexible and deformable 3D effect AMOLED display screen. Although more and more material performance databases in the world can be directly provided to iron, aluminum Performance of various metal materials such as copper. It is understood that smart or flat-panel devices using this display can achieve complete perspective, can be bent at will, and can be resized at will according to the purpose. In addition to these features, it also has some basic functions, such as translation, browsing pages or tracking and positioning

oled is a display technology, and the dynamic matrix is responsible for pixel control. AMOLED technology has been applied and is considered to be the mainstream technology of the new generation of display screen. Samsung claims to be the leader of AMOLED technology. At the beginning of this year, Samsung has already demonstrated the above situation of flexible a and moled display in the process of transportation. According to relevant reports, the deformable AMOLED intelligent developed by Samsung is expected to be available in 2012 with a microcomputer controlled pressure testing machine

according to experts, this kind of display has many important advantages. For example, the deformable screen can resist impact or extrusion, and is not easy to be broken or broken; Deformable screen may make wearable computing technology practical; Some new applications, especially some games, can take advantage of the physical elasticity of the deformable screen to achieve certain effects. For example, players can tilt and distort the screen to change the game parameters due to different test methods

besides Samsung, Nokia has also promoted the research and development of similar smart devices in the future, such as deformable and flexible devices. It is reported that Nokia is also exploring future concept technologies including wearables

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