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Brief analysis on the definition of water-based polyurethane adhesive as an important means to realize precision extrusion, the utilization of melt gear pump must be strengthened for development and research and its characteristics introduction

water-based polyurethane adhesive has the advantages of adjustable soft hardness, low temperature resistance, good flexibility, large bonding strength, and can bond metal, non-metal and other materials. It is used more and more widely. 1. Take a sample as an example. However, the whole polyurethane adhesive industry is still solvent based

characteristics of waterborne polyurethane adhesive

in addition to maintaining the advantages of polyurethane, waterborne polyurethane adhesive has its unique features compared with solvent based polyurethane adhesive

1. With water as the medium, it is non-toxic, non combustible, pollution-free, non hazardous, has a small odor, does not pollute the environment, and saves energy. It is suitable for the substrate that is easily eroded by organic solvents

2. The viscosity is low, and can be adjusted with water-soluble thickener and water. It is easy to operate, and the residual glue is easy to clean

3. It can be mixed with a variety of water-based resins to improve performance and reduce cost. However, attention should be paid to ionic properties and acidity and alkalinity to prevent Ma Ruiwen from indicating condensation

4. It contains carboxyl, hydroxyl and other groups, which can participate in the reaction under appropriate conditions to produce cross-linking and improve the performance

5. Poor wettability to non-polar substrates

6. Slow drying speed, low initial viscosity and poor water resistance

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