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Definition and test of the reduction of the area of the belt tension tester

the belt tension tester is also a machine for the tension test in the prototype design stage. 1. Definition of the reduction of the area of the universal testing machine:

one of the plastic indicators of the material. When the material is broken by tension, the section is reduced. The ratio of the reduced area to the original area is called the reduction of the area, expressed in or Z. The unit is%

2. Relationship between reduction of area and elongation of universal testing machine

elongation and reduction of area represent the ability of steel to undergo plastic deformation before fracture. The greater the elongation or reduction of area, the greater the plasticity of the steel. The large plasticity of steel not only facilitates various processing, but also ensures the safe use of steel in construction. Because the plastic deformation of steel can adjust the local peak stress and make it tend to be gentle, so as not to cause the local damage of the building structure and the damage of the whole structure; The steel has obvious deformation and long deformation duration before plastic failure, which is convenient for people to find and remedy

3、 Universal testing machine metal material reduction of area test

1) test object:

uncertainty of evaluating AlSi12Cu bar reduction of area index "Thanks for Sigri's help to determine the degree of certainty.

2) reference standard:

gb/t 2282 relevant experts, leaders and technicians introduced the research and utilization of oilfield chemicals in the fields of drilling, fracturing, oil production, enhanced oil recovery, oil and gas treatment, water treatment and gathering and transportation in China 002 metal materials room temperature tensile test method

jjf 1103 2003 universal testing machine data acquisition system evaluation

jjf 1059 1999 measurement uncertainty evaluation Verification regulation of tension, pressure and universal testing machine

jjg 139 1999

3) test temperature:

room temperature 10 ~ 35 ℃

4) measurement standard

universal testing machine is verified in accordance with JJG 139 1999

use level 0.3 standard dynamometer to calibrate the universal testing machine

5) test method

the forming temperature should be strictly controlled according to gb/t 22 2002. A total of 10 samples were used to obtain the measurement column

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