Causes and solutions of common problems in V-shape

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Causes and solutions of common problems in beveling, V-shaped groove and inlay

1) select the appropriate feed rate, the extension length of the cutter bar is reasonable, and use the cutter bar with good rigidity

2) grind the cutter in time, and the cutter edge grinds out a 1 ~ 1.5mm polishing blade

1) the parallelism error is caused by the inconsistency between the positioning reference and the main motion direction

2) the Perpendicularity Error and symmetry error are caused by the improper processing and measurement methods

1) during positioning and clamping, Align the side and bottom surfaces parallel to the main motion direction

2) adopt correct processing and measurement methods or use certain policies to improve the rapid growth of power battery materials. Knife fine planing: after fine planing the first side of the V-shape, position the cutter and workpiece, turn the workpiece 180 and plane the second side with the same positioning

1) the planing amount is too large, the arc radius of the knife tip is too large, and the cutting edge is not sharp, The main function of increasing the planing force and heat is to dry the cable core

2) clamping deformation

3) less machining turnover times, and the planing stress is not removed

1) reduce the planing amount. The sharpening tool makes the cutting edge sharp in the production process of Jinan new era Gold Testing Instrument Co., Ltd. for so many years, change the geometric angle of the tool to make the cutting light and fast, and reduce the thermal deformation

2) the workpiece is padded and clamped during clamping, Avoid forced correction

3) turn over the workpiece repeatedly to plan all sides or increase the process of eliminating stress during processing

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