Causes and repair methods of poor pumping failure

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Reasons and repair methods for poor pumping of water pump

1. Severe vibration of water pump:

reasons: there are unbalanced electric rotors or poor coupling, worn and bent bearings, loose and broken rotating parts, unstable pipeline supports, etc

repair method: adjustment, repair, reinforcement, alignment, replacement and other methods can be adopted respectively

2 there is not much introduction here. The pipeline leaks water or air:

reason: it may be because the screw cap is not tightened tightly during installation

repair is classified according to the loading method: static load testing machine (static) and dynamic load testing machine (dynamic) method: if the leakage is not serious, you can apply cement, wet mud or soft soap at the place where the air or water leaks. If there is water leakage at the joint, tighten the screw cap by hand. Those with serious water leakage must be disassembled again

3. Overheating of packing:

cause: it is mostly caused by too tight packing, cooling water cannot enter the packing or shaft surface damage

repair method: appropriate measures such as loosening the packing and clearing the blockage of the sealing pipe can be taken. If the packing is worn, it must be replaced with a new one. Before installation, it must be soaked in the engine oil and installed circle by circle. I think the incision should be staggered, which can reduce water leakage. After the last ring of packing is installed, the gland shall be tightened, and the tightness shall be adjusted during operation

4. The water pump does not absorb water or discharge water:

reasons: most of them are the sticking of the bottom valve, the blockage of the filtering part, the large range of traditional industries in our province, the high water absorption height or the water absorption and air leakage, which may also be caused by the wrong steering, the blockage of the impeller channel, etc

repair method: after checking one by one, take measures to repair the bottom valve, remove the blockage, correct the steering, clean the impeller, etc

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