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With the advent of the 21st century, industrial production has higher and higher requirements for quality, people's awareness of environmental protection has been further strengthened, and more and more color box packaging manufacturers attach importance to ISO international quality standard certification, while shoppers have higher requirements for packaging. Not only are domestic manufacturers unable to compete with international enterprises in terms of the technical level of a few products, but the color of color boxes is bright, The design is generous, and the lines should be clear, smooth, non bursting, non fuzzing, and free of paper dust

however, many color box die-cutting factories often have a headache for the fuzziness and dust on the edge of the color box paper. This paper analyzes the causes and treatment methods of fuzzing and dusting on the edge of paper for reference

first, let's look at the impact of different papers on Fuzzing. Usually, high-quality primary paper has longer fibers, which are generally less hairy and dusty than recycled paper. However, at this stage, most manufacturers need to reduce packaging costs and promote environmental awareness of paper recycling. Therefore, more and more people like to use recycled paper. In this way, we should start with the use of high-quality die-cutting materials to solve the problem of fuzzing and dust on the edge of die-cutting paper

so how to choose high-quality die-cutting materials? First of all, high-quality die-cutting knives should be selected. There are many die-cutting knives with higher prices on the market, but not every one can solve the problem. On the blade of general high-grade die-cutting knives, we can observe many pores and defects with a magnifying glass, that is, the blade is not very smooth, which is one of the reasons for paper dust. In particular, the die-cutting knife with straight line treatment is very sharp on the surface, but in fact, there are many defects, and the chance of dust is the greatest. Austrian Baona supreme knife is specially designed for dusting or fuzzing. It uses a special metal coating to fill and smooth the pores and defects like the wall, which greatly reduces the generation of paper dust and is more suitable for die-cutting recycled paper. The friction between the knife and the paper edge is reduced, which can also reduce the mechanical wear of the blade, and enhance the durability of the die-cutting knife. This knife is most suitable for long version products such as die-cutting medicine boxes, cosmetics boxes, food boxes, cigarette boxes and so on, which are required to be dust-free

another reason for the fuzzing of the color box is that the matching and installation of the die-cutting knife and the sponge strip are not standard. Sponge glue must have enough hardness to compress the paper, so that the die-cutting knife can cut the paper smoothly. Sponge glue with different hardness should be selected for different papers, and the location and height are also very exquisite. The installation and material selection of the specification are as follows:

1 Selection principle of hardness of rebound sponge glue

the following principles should be followed when selecting rebound sponge glue:

1) if the distance between die-cutting knives is less than 8mm, sponge glue with hardness of hs600 should be selected

2) the distance between die-cutting knives is mainly welded by angle steel. If the distance is greater than 8mm, sponge glue with hardness of hs250 (corrugated board) or 350 (paperboard) should be selected

3) if the distance between the die cutter and the steel wire is less than 10mm, arch sponge glue with hardness of hs700 should be selected; If it is greater than 10mm, sponge glue with hardness of hs350 shall be selected

4) arch glue with hardness of hs700 is used at the punching position of the die-cutting knife to protect the connecting point from being broken

there are several commonly used sponge adhesives:

focusing on cutting-edge new materials such as graphene, metal and high molecular additive manufacturing materials, intelligent composites, etc. 1) 350 breathable sponge adhesive

the compression ratio is 35%, the die-cutting life is up to 1million times, and the die-cutting speed is 9000 times/hour, which is suitable for cardboard die-cutting

2) 200 sealed arch sponge glue

the compression ratio is 50%, the die-cutting life is 250000 times, and the die-cutting speed is 7500 times/hour, which is suitable for die-cutting corrugated cardboard

3) 600 solid adhesive tape

is applicable to narrow parts, such as positions where the distance between die-cutting knives is less than 8mm

4) 700 arch rubber strip

is used for the punching position of the die-cutting knife and the position where the distance between the knife and the steel wire is less than 10mm

2. Installation method of rebound sponge glue

the sponge glue strip should be at least 1mm away from both sides of the die-cutting knife body, and cannot be installed close to the knife body. Otherwise, the sponge glue strip can only expand in the opposite direction of the knife body after being pressed, which will cause the failure of pulling paper on both sides. When the die-cutting knife has time to cut the paper, the paper has been pulled off by the sponge glue, and then fuzzing and paper dust will be produced. In addition, the swelling rubber should be about 1.2mm higher than the blade, and it should be adjusted appropriately according to different hardness. If the hardness of sponge rubber is greater than hs350, the sponge rubber should be less than 1.2mm higher than the blade; If the hardness of sponge glue is less than hs350, the sponge glue should be more than 1.2mm higher than the blade. In principle, the softer the sponge glue, the higher the height. The correct height of sponge glue can make the die-cutting plate faster

on the whole die-cutting plate, the quantity, hardness and height of sponge glue should be evenly distributed at all positions, and sponge glue should also be arranged on both sides of the balance knife

in a word, the height and hardness of all materials on the die-cutting plate - die-cutting knife, die-cutting steel wire and sponge rubber should be very balanced. This not only has a good die-cutting effect, but also can improve the speed of the automatic die-cutting machine

of course, the fuzzing and dusting of color box die-cutting are also related to the accuracy of the die-cutting machine, the flatness of the bottom steel plate and pressure adjustment. If you randomly increase the pressure, no matter how good the knife, no matter how good the sponge glue is, it will not work. When the automatic die-cutting machine starts to adjust the pressure, it should be adjusted to about 80% to cut through; Then, according to different positions, use the bottom filling material to make up the penetration; Then lock the pressure for formal die cutting. In this way, not only the die cutting effect is good, but also the production speed is fast

die cutting materials not only pay attention to quality, but also pay attention to cooperation. The ingenious combination of high-quality materials can not only help you solve the problem of fuzzing and dusting, but also improve the production efficiency, enhance the competitiveness, and make you invincible in the fierce market competition. (excerpted from printing technology, 2001, issue 1) (Yan Zhixin of Hongye Equipment Co., Ltd.)

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