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The reason and solution of large amount of stone powder in the operation of impact crusher

impact crusher mainly uses the rotation of the rotor in the machine bin to drive the hammer to rotate to strike the collision stone and finally break it. The stone collides with each other under the action of the rotor, forming a large stone vortex and increasing the mutual collision between materials. In this process, the rotor rotates rapidly, and the blast volume is large, and small stones will overflow, causing dust pollution. In addition to the small floor area, the rotation of the rotor brings out a large amount of air flow to make the stone powder fly out, and its crushing of materials is mainly completed by multi-stage crushing and grinding in the crushing chamber. The fineness of materials is small, and the powder particles are easy to fly out during operation. In addition, its working mode is mainly completed by beating and crushing, which will increase the amount of dust, and the impact plate will be worn after a long time of impact. What's more, the impact plate surface will fall, which will cause the impact crushing secret, such as the sealing property will be greatly reduced, and increase the dust pollution

in order to solve the problem of large amount of stone powder in the operation of the impact crusher, users can be equipped with additional dust removal equipment or a closed cover when using it under the background of high vanadium price. They can also add a small amount of water to wet the materials before entering the feed inlet of the impact crusher or directly add a dust removal humidifier to work together. In addition, users can also regularly check all parts of the equipment, such as the tightness of the lining plate, the machine shell and whether the screws at the connection of each device are loose. Regular maintenance and repair of the machine will greatly reduce the amount of dust. 6. When checking the defects of the instrument in wet conditions, it can also improve the work efficiency

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