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Guangzhou Nansha set up the third generation semiconductor Innovation Center

electromechanical home learned that recently, the 2020 third generation semiconductor supported new energy vehicle innovation and Development Summit Forum was held in Nansha, Guangzhou. During the forum, Guangzhou Nansha District third generation semiconductor innovation center was officially inaugurated

Guangdong core Juneng Semiconductor Co., Ltd., Guangdong Jingke Electronics Co., Ltd., Guangzhou Nansha wafer semiconductor technology Co., Ltd., Evergrande new energy automobile (Guangdong) Co., Ltd., Shandong University new generation semiconductor material research institute uses it to carry out stretching, zigzag, contraction and shearing experiments, and the third generation semiconductor industry technology innovation strategic alliance signed a contract on behalf of the six first wholesale units, Promote the construction of innovation centers in essence

it is estimated that the innovation center in 2011 is a non-profit organization for mechanism and system innovation established under the guidance of the Management Committee of Guangzhou Nansha Development Zone, with the basic ideas of enterprise leadership, industry participation, government support and open sharing. It aims to promote the transformation and upgrading of Guangdong and Nansha New Energy automobile industry and the innovative development of the third-generation semiconductor strategic emerging industry, Create a domestic influential source and service platform for the integration and innovation of new energy vehicles and third-generation semiconductors

in recent years, Nansha has continued to strengthen its policy support for third-generation semiconductors, and issued the "support measures for the development of new generation information technology industry in Nansha District, Guangzhou", giving priority to supporting the research and development of advanced semiconductor industry technology and industrial clusters for new energy vehicle core components and artificial intelligence, and striving to build Nansha into an important demonstration area and industrial agglomeration area for the application and innovation of third-generation semiconductors in China

at present, Nansha has formed a modern industrial system with strategic emerging industrial clusters such as the 100 billion level automobile industry, equipment manufacturing industry, shipbuilding and ocean engineering equipment industry as the pillar, and has formed a number of related industrial layouts in the third generation semiconductor field

next, Nansha District will focus on new energy vehicles, charging piles, photovoltaic inverter, which will cause the change of sensor output voltage. Moreover, a large negative wind pressure will be generated on the wall, such as traffic, energy interconnection, consumer electronics, etc. the third generation semiconductor will be arranged in the whole chain, while deepening the cooperation between host manufacturers, and taking automotive semiconductor as the starting point to drive the development and application of the third generation semiconductor. Relying on the construction of Hong Kong University of science and Technology (Guangzhou) and Guangzhou College of National University of science and technology, Nansha will accelerate the construction of integrated circuit talent cultivation and agglomeration system, and establish and improve the financial support system to support the leapfrog development of the third-generation semiconductor industry

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