Guangzhou Huangpu Customs severely crack down on e

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Guangzhou Huangpu Customs severely cracked down on "electronic foreign garbage"

Guangzhou Huangpu Customs severely cracked down on "electronic foreign garbage"

recently, the anti smuggling Department of Huangpu Customs successively seized two cases of smuggling and import of solid waste called "electronic foreign garbage", and seized a total of more than 40 tons of solid waste banned by the state, such as waste computers and accessories, waste televisions, waste copiers, etc The modernization process was accelerated, and a total of 5 suspect were arrested

since October 2003, the anti smuggling Bureau of Huangpu Customs has found that some electronic and hardware enterprises in the suburbs of Guangzhou are suspected of smuggling solid waste, and has closely monitored it to find an appropriate time to attack. On October 30 and December 6, after mastering the latest trend of smuggling imported solid waste through the process of collecting castings, the anti smuggling police rushed to the two electronic factories in a flash, arrested the people involved in the loading and unloading of "electronic foreign garbage" at the scene, and seized all illegal items and relevant evidence on the spot

it is understood that "electricity, a new rigid black plastic material used in projet MJP 5600, is a common name for electronic solid waste, including all kinds of waste computers, communication equipment, televisions, refrigerators, air conditioners, and obsolete precision electronic instruments and meters. It is mainly produced in developed countries. At present, more than 500 million tons of" electronic foreign waste "are produced every year in the world, and a large number of them flow into China. Although China strictly prohibits the import of electronic waste digital display (LCD) garbage, some lawbreakers do not hesitate to take risks to harm the country and the people in order to seek illegal interests. They renovate and refit the smuggled imported electronic waste, and then sell it at a high price. At the same time, "electronic waste" also causes serious pollution to the environment. (end)

source: Xinhua

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