Guangzhou is the most popular to invite public bid

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On September 20, 2004, the day of serving the people and contributing to the motherland

on September 15, Guangzhou announced that it would open tenders to the whole society for nine enterprise scientific and technological key projects, including high-efficiency, low-cost and environmental friendly Antirust Coatings of Guangzhou Zhujiang Chemical Group Co., Ltd., with a total tender amount of 47.4 million yuan

Cai Gangqiang, director of Guangzhou Science and Technology Bureau, said that these technical problems are the technological bottlenecks encountered by local enterprises in Guangzhou in the process of development, but they are also the key technological projects in Guangzhou. In the case that we can't solve it by ourselves, we need to use the power of the whole society to tackle the scientific and technological problems with a surface finish of △ 6

caigangqiang said that this form of public bidding for the whole society has changed the previous mode of scientific and technological project approval in which enterprises apply for projects and complete them by themselves after obtaining the project approval. It makes full use of the scientific and technological resources of the whole society and can find the best solution to solve the scientific and technological bottleneck of enterprises. It is reported that enterprises or units interested in participating in the bidding can purchase the bidding documents at the science and technology project bidding Office of Guangzhou Productivity Promotion Center before September 30, and deliver the bidding documents from October 8 to 18

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