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Guangzhou conscientiously implements national policies and strengthens the management of glass curtain walls

recently, the Guangzhou Municipal Environmental Protection Bureau organized an expert discussion on Guangzhou's light radiation environmental management legislation to conduct a high-speed mixing certificate meeting and an administrative counterpart Symposium. It was learned that the future construction of glass curtain walls in Guangzhou should first demonstrate environmental protection. At present, Guangzhou's first government regulation on light pollution, the regulations of Guangzhou on the management of light radiation environment (tentative name), has entered the second round of consultation stage and is expected to be issued within the year. It is proposed to delimit different light environment control areas; And strengthen the management of the use of glass curtain walls in buildings, and carry out light reflection demonstration for the use of glass curtain walls in key areas; Encourage the implementation of centralized control of urban landscape lighting, unified opening and closing time, etc

it is understood that in recent years, citizens' complaints about light pollution have gradually increased. A survey conducted by the school of environmental science and engineering of Sun Yat sen University in Yuexiu District showed that there was excess capacity. The horizontal illumination of Beijing Road commercial pedestrian street, Nonglinxia Road Commercial Street and China Plaza commercial district were all high, especially the illumination value of the front arcade of Xinda Xinxing company seriously exceeded the standard, It is 60 times of Shanghai's urban environmental (decorative) lighting code. It is understood that in view of the light pollution caused by the glass curtain wall of high-rise buildings, the state has issued a document prohibiting the use of curtain wall glass with high reflectance. The light pollution at night mainly comes from the exposure of neon lights, which belongs to the category of artificial light source and cold light source. Compared with other cities, Guangzhou has more and brighter neon lights at night, and the light pollution is more serious

this year, the Municipal Environmental Protection Bureau took the lead in setting up a special research group to draft the "Regulations on the management of Guangzhou light radiation environment". Li Mingguang, the main participant of the research group, said that the most critical thing is to delimit the light environment control area. How to manage the light pollution of glass curtain wall? Li Mingguang told that Guangzhou is formulating the "management regulations", in which there will be many stricter regulations for glass curtain walls, "different areas will be designated, for example, natural dark environments such as nature reserves and forest parks are forbidden to use glass curtain walls; at the same time, we also hope to learn from the experience of Shanghai. When glass curtain walls are used in buildings in key areas, the environmental protection department needs to organize the environmental impact demonstration of light reflection."

in addition, if you violate the relevant regulations and cause light pollution, how will you be punished? Li Mingguang said, "the regulation sets comprehensive punishment provisions for illegal acts, which are imposed by the environmental protection department and other competent departments respectively, with a maximum punishment of no more than 100000."

under the internal economic cycle of China glass ()

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