A brief comment on the price of polyester filament

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A brief comment on the price of polyester filament in Shengze chemical fiber market last weekend

during the weekend, the general market of Shengze polyester filament market was based, but it seemed that it was still trapped in the excessive administrative intervention in the microeconomic and then triggered ldquo; Market failure rdquo; The strange circle of this week was stable, and the trading atmosphere began to fade gradually compared with the first few days of the week. The production and sales rate of some local factories fell back to%, although the factory quotation was not significantly adjusted, there was a hidden decline in some varieties during actual sales

from the perspective of variety trend, the market sales of fdy50d/24f and 68d/18f are good in the market. Among them, the semi matte fdy50d/24f sells well in Shengze market and has become a popular highlight in the polyester market. Not only the demand for jet weaving, but also the demand for warp knitting has increased, which is mainly used in the production of warp knitted eyecloth. At present, the prices of fdy50d/24f and 68d/18f are 15000 yuan/t and 14200 yuan/t respectively, and the sales of 54d/24f, 68d/24f and 75d/24f are not bad, Mainly for warp knitting. Among DTY products, 75d/144f, 100d/144f, 150d/288f filature and some black filature are sold well, but there is a large price gap between dealers. The sales of fine denier DTY filature is obviously better than that of conventional DTY filature. POY texturing products are sold fairly well, and it's hard to sell when using products together. At present, traders and textile mills in the market have limited interest in purchasing, and most of them have a strong wait-and-see mentality. It is expected that the whole market will recover the machine and liquidate the on-site situation in a narrow range

recently, the rise of semi Matt filament grade polyester chips has stopped and stabilized. The quotation of semi Matt filament grade large polyester chips is 12000 yuan/ton (accepted in three months), and the mainstream transaction price reaches 11900 yuan/ton. At present, the supply of polyester chips in the market is still relatively tight. The price of large polyester chips of bright filament grade also began to stabilize, with the quotation of 12100 yuan/ton and the transaction price of 11950 yuan/ton (three-month acceptance). Driven by demand, the price of cationic chips is still on the rise. The mainstream price of cationic chips is reported to be 12600 yuan/ton, which will be accepted and delivered in June, and the actual transaction price rises to 12400 yuan/ton in the market. It is understood that the current situation of cationic chip market in short supply is difficult to change. According to the current situation of PTA and eg prices, the future market of polyester chips will enter a relatively stable period of transition

on weekends, Shengze fabric market is generally traded, the sales of conductive fabrics are relatively dynamic, and the delivery of some air-jet brocade and cotton products is relatively smooth. Once this process becomes scalable. The fabric trade in the lining market is flat, and some special lining products such as black silk, jacquard and bright lining have a certain sales volume, but the sales of conventional plain lining products are generally depressed. The prices of flour and lining products are stable today. The startup rate of weaving enterprises in Shengze area is general. At present, the water jet is about 75%, and the air jet is relatively high, about more than 80%

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