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Guangzhou is building a "world-class research and development center and manufacturing base for new energy vehicles"

Guangzhou 4. Check the connection of buffer valve, oil return valve, oil delivery valve, oil pump and pipeline of the experimental machine, and is building a "world-class research and development center and manufacturing base for new energy vehicles". By 2020, Guangzhou will strive to achieve an output value of 240 billion yuan for the new energy vehicle industry, with an annual output of 800000 new energy vehicles. This is the planning goal in the new Guangzhou new and renewable energy development plan ()

According to Ye Youxin, deputy director of Guangzhou Municipal Economic and Trade Commission, the automobile industry is one of the pillar industries in Guangzhou. The Pearl River Delta centered on Guangzhou is China's largest automobile consumption market, accounting for about one quarter of the national market. Guangzhou is an important automobile production base in China and even the world. Facing the pressure of oil supply, Guangzhou's automobile industry is also adjusting. Automobile manufacturing enterprises in Guangzhou will aim to develop and produce tensile strength testing machines for hybrid insulation strips, which can test and analyze the mechanical properties of various metals, nonmetals and composite materials, and study new energy vehicles with high efficiency and clean emissions, such as power vehicles, pure electric vehicles, fuel cell vehicles, alternative fuel vehicles, etc

according to the plan, by 2020, Guangzhou will be built into a "world-class new energy vehicle research and development center and manufacturing base" with leading technology, large industrial scale, complete industrial chain and brand. The automobile industry in Guangzhou will produce 800000 energy-saving and new energy vehicles per year, and the output value of the new energy vehicle industry will reach 240billion yuan

at that time, Guangzhou will actively promote the application of new energy vehicles in public transport, administrative institutions, enterprises and families. By 2020, "a large-scale application of new energy vehicles will be initially realized, in which new energy buses and taxis will enter the urban public transport system on a large scale, and new energy driven cars will begin to enter families on a large scale"

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