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Guangzhou Legislates with 200million plastic bags every day and improves environmental awareness at the same time.

"supermarkets provide plastic bags for free" has been proposed for several years now.

"supermarkets provide plastic bags for customers for free to reduce the use and discarding of plastic bags". This proposal has been made for several years, but during the "May Day" golden week, it was found that plastic bags are still free in front of the checkout counters of major supermarkets in Guangzhou

according to a survey provided by Guangzhou Environmental Protection Bureau, as many as 200million plastic bags are used in Guangzhou every day, and the annual output of plastic waste produced is as high as 600000 tons

cashiers send tens of thousands of plastic bags every day

in supermarkets such as guangbai, Wangfujing Department store, Watsons, Tianhe City, we can see that plastic bags of various sizes are placed at the cashier for free use by customers. Whether customers buy a bottle of water or a pair of slippers, they have to be packed in plastic bags by the cashier. Some customers ask the cashier to give more plastic bags while paying. Most customers said they took the plastic bags from the supermarket home and used them as garbage bags

in Baijia supermarket on Xingang West Road, a follow-up interview was conducted with a shopping couple: the couple first bought a facial cleanser and a baking cream in the commodity section, paid separately, and used a plastic bag; Then I went to the fresh area to buy apples, paid separately, and used a plastic bag; Then I bought rice with two plastic bags; Finally, there are some daily necessities. They used four bags (two bags are used together) for a one-time payment at the cashier. This time, they used a total of eight plastic bags for a very ordinary shopping. Miss Chen, the cashier of the supermarket, told her that there were at least tens of thousands of plastic bags used by her every day, and there were more than 20 such cash registers in the supermarket

businesses and consumers are reluctant to pay

in supermarkets, the vast majority of consumers surveyed said they did not support the paid use of plastic bags, and most of them believed that the paid use of plastic bags did cause inconvenience to consumers. Their main points include: "it is natural for supermarkets to provide plastic bags." "After buying a lot of things, you have to prepare your own bags in advance? It's too troublesome!" In the interview, only a few citizens believed that in order to protect the environment, they should (1) consult service providers to answer questions about the use of products at any time or in writing, and use plastic bags with compensation

many businesses also hold a negative attitude towards this. They believe that if supermarkets do not provide free shopping bags, it is likely to affect the source of customers, and each plastic bag is only a few cents, and businesses are willing to pay the money themselves. Miss Feng, a cashier at a large supermarket in Guangzhou on Xingang Road, told her that in her two years of cashier work, only one old man refused the free plastic bag provided by the supermarket and took the goods away with the old plastic bag he brought. "Customers don't have this environmental protection concept. Supermarkets simply ask to reduce the use of plastic bags, which will only drive customers away."

legislation while improving environmental awareness

the relevant person of Guangzhou Municipal Appearance and environmental sanitation bureau bluntly said that a large part of the domestic waste processed in Guangzhou every 2020 days is plastic bags, which are difficult to degrade, which not only shortens the service life of the landfill, but also affects the soil fertility after the closure, which is not conducive to the greening of the landfill, so it is necessary to limit the use and disposal of plastic bags

an environmental protection expert, who declined to be named, said that the implementation of the paid use of plastic bags seems small, but it involves many departments such as economy and trade, environmental protection, environmental sanitation, commerce, etc. and no department has any punishment right to purchase qualified food contact materials and verify their compliance according to the requirements of the food safety law, that is, this measure lacks any regulatory basis, so, It is imperative to legislate

however, some experts pointed out that in addition to strengthening legislation, it is also important to improve citizens' awareness of environmental protection

source: Yangcheng Evening News

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