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Guangzhou starts the annual examination of printing enterprises and the annual examination and certificate renewal of publication distribution units

from late February, the Guangzhou Publishing Bureau officially launched the 2008 annual examination of printing enterprises in Guangzhou and the publication of compression resistance testing machine, which is the prelude to the annual examination and certificate renewal of the distribution units of the most direct tester for the compressive strength of cartons or other packaging containers. In order to ensure that the relevant information of the annual review is timely transmitted to all printing enterprises and publication distribution units, the publication market office of Guangzhou Publishing Bureau began to do a good job of mobilization and publicity before the Spring Festival. It not only held the annual review mobilization meeting of Guangzhou printing and publication distribution units, sent documents and materials to units that met the conditions of the annual review, and published rolling information on the government affairs station of Guangzhou Publishing Bureau, Moreover, the annual review notice was broadcast continuously in the prime time of Guangzhou Radio Station to widely inform the whole society of the time and handling procedures of the annual review. In order to facilitate the enterprises to handle the annual review, the annual review of Guangzhou printing enterprises this year is carried out in the form of zonal door-to-door service. Printing enterprises in 12 districts (county-level cities) of Guangzhou will go to the annual review site to handle the annual review procedures in a centralized manner within a specified period of time. In order to improve efficiency, Guangzhou Publishing Bureau vigorously promoted the pre audit, and more than 400 printing enterprises applied for passing the annual audit in the first two weeks of the annual audit, which greatly saved the time for handling the annual audit on site, which is a thin-film secondary battery that forms a solid electrolyte on the resin film. The Guangzhou Publishing Bureau has carried out the annual examination and certificate renewal of Guangzhou publication distribution units this year in strict accordance with the requirements of the General Administration of publication, While strictly checking, Ernst Siebert said: "It is important to do a good job in information statistics to master the latest distribution and business status of Guangzhou publication distribution units. At the same time, Guangzhou Publishing Bureau also implements strict registration and filing of the warehouses of Guangzhou publication distribution units in the annual review, and will implement the listing system of Guangzhou publication distribution units immediately after the annual review, so as to further strengthen management and ensure the Guangzhou publication market The healthy, orderly and prosperous development of

Guangzhou Publishing Bureau gave full play to the role of communication, help and guidance in this annual review, led the staff of Guangzhou publishing and Printing Association and packaging and printing association to work together, helped them to be familiar with the process and requirements of the annual review, and laid a foundation for the government to realize the functional transformation and further play the role of industry associations in the future

at present, all printing enterprises and publication distribution units in Guangzhou are actively participating in the annual review. The application of annual review materials will last for more than a month and officially end in early April

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