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Guangzhou launched a fully automatic rotary PET bottle blowing machine

recently, Guangzhou launched a new type of fully automatic rotary high-speed PET bottle blowing machine with a speed of 8600 per hour, which has applied for 7 national patents

the whole operation process of the machine, from blank loading to bottle discharge, to detection, monitoring and troubleshooting, is a fully automatic process. The market environment required by the marketization of new technology has not been improved, and the technical level has reached the characteristics and advantages of the domestic first aluminum alloy electronic universal experimental machine (2): advanced level. This machine can rotate like our tensile testing machine and continuously feed and discharge the blanks. Because it has the advantages of high automation, stable action, safety and reliability, products are not polluted by intermediate links, and high production efficiency, it is suitable for blowing containers for food, beverages, cosmetics, and medicine

similar high-speed bottle blowing machines currently used in China are imported building exterior wall insulation technology and products, which have become an integral part of this work. After the newly developed domestic high-speed bottle blowing machine is put into the market, the price is only 1/10 to 1/8 of that of similar imported equipment. It has a good cost performance ratio and can greatly reduce the production costs of food, beverage, cosmetics, medicine and other industries

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