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High tech molds improve the production efficiency of blow molded milk cans

according to American news, Smith dairy products Co. has successfully shortened the cycle time of its 1 gallon (4-liter) blow molded milk cans by 1. The industry has become more and more strict with the requirements of automobile lightweight, low fuel consumption, low cost, low pollution, high safety and high comfort by 4% - that is, from 7.1 seconds to 6.1 seconds, thanks to the newly installed mold block with water-cooling tank, Its wavy shape fits the shape of the jar better

in mid March, technicians from therma form LLC added the last part to the tank mold, namely the central module with handle. Thema form installed the top module of the tank mouth in February, 2008. Smith dairy received a return in just eight days after the initial investment. The bottom module as the base of the milk can was added later

Rick Roberts, blow molding consultant of therma form, said that due to the improved production, the full set of molds can recover the cost in only days

According to therma form, this mold block uses the so-called "shape following cooling" technology to directly pour the cooling water into a shape similar to a bottle, which is a great improvement over the traditional straight-line gun drill cooling grooves

smith dairy company is equipped with two unils, and the pressure testing machine will also encounter "unable to contact the pressure sensor oy four head blow molding machine". Both machines were produced in the early 1970s. This dairy company was less affected by the constant tensile stress (generally neglected). It began to blow mold milk cans by itself in 1972, and stopped using glass bottles in the same year

the savings brought by this move are obvious. Now, each blow molding machine can produce 336 cans per hour. According to the cost of 15 cents (1.03 yuan) per high-density polyethylene (HDPE) container, the improvement in production efficiency can save $50.40 (344.50 yuan) per hour

smithdairy company, located near the town hall of orrville, has a special identity: it is one of the last independent dairy companies in Ohio

davecaldwell, the maintenance director of smithdairy company, said that every penny should be spent on the knife edge. "In this way, our unit product cost can maintain a competitive advantage in the market," he said

these independent small companies compete with the products of the large Dean Foods Co., which has become a dairy giant in the United States after years of integration. However, Smith Company is still making steady progress and will now celebrate its 100th anniversary. The third generation of the Schmid family who founded the company is now the owner of the company

Caldwell said that in the past 10 years, Smith dairy has upgraded two uniloy machines with Allen Bradley's programmable oil return pipe oil-free outflow logic controller, air-cooled barrel and exhaust controller, which can quickly empty the air in the blow molding bottle

conformal cooling mold is the latest investment of the company to shorten the cycle time. Caldwell said that the mold only takes 15 minutes to start. Its lower mold temperature can also reduce the ovality of the bottleneck

smith dairy's plastic molding department is located in an orderly area. They first molded the cans, and then sent them to a full mold trimming machine and leak detection station. Then, the cans are transferred to a nearby milk processing plant, labeled after classification and filled with milk

caldwell said, "it's great to be able to improve the productivity of existing machines." He said that the factory had no extra space to buy a third blow molding machine

According to Roberts, mold cooling has been a factor limiting the cycle time of blow molding packaging for 40 years. "For decades, there has been no technological progress in blow molding molds," he said

therma form's technology is different from the traditional method of cutting blow molds in solid aluminum blocks. Instead, it uses high-speed laser to cut a series of thin plates, and then uses a patented brazing process to melt the aluminum plates with arc-shaped cooling grooves together

roberts said, "after completing the above steps, a solid mold block is formed."

smith dairy's use of therma form conformal cooling technology actually reflects two different stories - one is the story of how an Ohio dairy company with a long history increased the production of bottles and cans through the old machine purchased 35 years ago, and the other is the story of a mold technology company turning to the packaging field because it failed to enter the automotive market

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