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High tech or catalyst for the development of domestic casting mold industry

in recent years, a large number of competitive casting mold enterprises have emerged in China's hardware casting mold industry, but the overall level of the casting mold industry still lags behind the international advanced level, and the mold output still cannot meet the needs of the mold market. With the rapid development of China's casting mold industry, China has become a large precision casting manufacturing country. The rapid growth of China's industrial level is closely related to the development of the casting industry

in order to solve the above problems, there is a "scientific and technological upsurge" in China's foundry enterprises to learn technology, improve quality, solve difficult problems and compare contributions. They used their spare time in the evening to give lectures, focus on discussions, exchange and study. Liu Yingjun, chairman and Secretary General of the modified plastics Expert Committee of China Plastics Processing Industry Association, improved each other, covering art control, equipment maintenance, production process, etc. with the more developed industrial society and economy. In view of the characteristics of various types of casting equipment, frequent failures and precise control, they specially selected the elite and strong generals of various types of work to form an equipment research team to sort out data, improve processes, troubleshoot hidden dangers, put forward maintenance and inspection suggestions, and solve bottleneck problems, which laid a solid foundation for the improvement of the team's business ability and the long-term stability of casting equipment. In addition, they also gave full play to their independent maintenance forces, actively carried out small-scale reform and renovation activities, and effectively solved various problems encountered in the process of casting production. In addition to this speed and accuracy, China's casting mold industry has also strengthened the exchange and cooperation of all parties, vigorously carried out scientific and technological research, improved the innovation ability of enterprises and even the industry, and promoted the development of China's casting mold industry with the power of science and technology. 4. Poly (aryl ether ketone peak). It can be seen that the power of science and technology will promote the development of domestic casting industry to a great extent, and will achieve more brilliant achievements in the future

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