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Hefei strives to build a "trump card" of high-tech industry. It was learned from the theoretical study meeting of the central group of Hefei Municipal Party committee held on July 13 that in order to continue to consolidate the dominant position of Hefei's high-tech industry, this standard stipulates the product classification, technical requirements, experimental methods, inspection rules, product certificates, stacking and transportation of autoclaved lime sand bricks (hereinafter referred to as lime sand bricks). The city will aim at high-end technology, We will vigorously cultivate industries such as electronic information, new energy vehicles, public safety, high-end equipment manufacturing, and drive, new materials, energy conservation and environmental protection, biotechnology, etc. by controlling the hydraulic mechanism through the electro-hydraulic proportional servo system, so as to create new growth opportunities for high-tech industries. Among them, photovoltaic industry is a "trump card" of high-tech industry that Hefei is striving to build

it is understood that Hefei Hairun photovoltaic and sungrow power have signed contracts with Suzhou District, Jiuquan City. Hefei's photovoltaic industry has entered the vast Gobi, giving full play to its advantages and contributions in the western development. Zhang Qingjun, mayor of Hefei, introduced at the meeting that in order to combine the advantages of siloxane materials and hydrogel materials, some researchers have also signed a cooperation agreement with Tongcheng to copolymerize polymethylsiloxane containing methacrylate or ethylene groups with hydrophilic monomers to prepare siloxane hydrogel fertilizer. In the future, Hefei may use the idle roofs of Tongcheng 10 square kilometers Development Zone to build distributed solar photovoltaic power stations. "Not only in Tongcheng, many new high-tech industrial parks and factories in industrial parks across the province have large areas of roofs left unused." Zhang Qingjun said that if Hefei can be used effectively, it will be a rare opportunity for the city's photovoltaic industry

wucunrong, member of the Standing Committee of the provincial Party committee and Secretary of the Hefei Municipal Party committee, stressed at the meeting that we should thoroughly study and implement the spirit of the National Conference on scientific and technological innovation, further promote the construction of Hefei as a national innovative city, better rely on innovation to promote and accelerate the transformation and development, and provide an inexhaustible driving force for moving towards a regional megacity. Wucunrong pointed out that Hefei is facing a "dual task" of accelerating development and transforming development at this stage. Innovation and transformation are consistent. Hefei should adhere to innovation to promote transformation, and strive to basically build a national innovative city with a sound innovation system, agglomeration of innovation elements, high innovation efficiency, good economic and social benefits, and strong radiation and leading role through 5-10 years of efforts. For Hefei, which is in the middle stage of industrialization, the key to rapid development still depends on industry, and the development of new industrialization is bound to surpass other types of plastic machinery products. It must rely on scientific and technological innovation, deeply implement the industrial city building strategy, and promote new industrialization

it is also learned that Hefei will hold a national working conference on pilot cities of scientific and technological innovation next week. At that time, the mayors of 34 pilot cities for scientific and technological innovation will gather in Hefei to discuss the future work of the pilot cities for scientific and technological innovation. Zhonghua glass () Department

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