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High tech intelligent mechanical equipment appeared in the smart manufacturing re upgrading of the Straits Machinery Expo [solution has been successfully used in the implementation of the "first set" of major equipment] the ninth cross strait Machinery Industry Expo opened in Longyan, Fujian on November 8. More than 500 machinery enterprises at home and abroad gathered, and many global "heavyweight" machinery manufacturing enterprises participated in the exhibition, so as to show new products, new technologies and new images

[commentary] entering the Longyan Convention and Exhibition Center, the new exhibition hall of the machine Expo, the seven exhibition areas intensively displayed more than 500 mechanical equipment, including engineering machinery, sanitation machinery, special vehicles, military civilian integration, emergency equipment, intelligent manufacturing, and more than 5000 instruments, tools, functional components, and accessories

[commentary] highlighting the cooperation between Fujian and Taiwan and promoting the cooperation in the machinery industry has become one of the highlights of this year's machine Expo. The machine Expo has also attracted eight Taiwan business associations and many Taiwan enterprises to participate. Among them, there are many precision products with leading technology in machine tools, testing equipment, manipulator quality and efficiency improvement, intelligent robots and other related machinery. One of the driving sweepers has attracted the attention of. Its compact body can be operated flexibly indoors and outdoors. Its biggest feature is that it does not raise dust and has better environmental protection

[same period] Taiwan exhibitor Wang Zhaoxiong

in fact, one machine is worth the labor cost of at least five people, because Taiwan also comes to our mainland to set up factories, and we want to actively expand the mainland market

[same period] Yang Ronghui, vice president of the all China Federation of Taiwan enterprises

the cross strait Machinery Expo has not only created our local development, but also the most important thing is to promote all the operators of the machinery industry on both sides of the Taiwan Strait to come here for common development, which can create the economic well-being of both sides of the Taiwan Strait

[commentary] all kinds of mechanical products and high-end intelligent equipment were also unveiled at this aircraft Expo. In front of the exhibition stand of Fujian Qiaolong emergency equipment Co., Ltd., the newly developed fire remote water supply pressurized water truck attracted the attention of everyone. According to the introduction, the fire remote water supply pressurized water intake truck mainly solves the problem of fire remote water intake. This system is composed of a water intake truck, a pressurized truck and a pipe laying truck, with a flow of 416.7 liters per second. It can transport the water within 5 kilometers to the fire site at one time, and provide 10 80mm diameter water supply mains at one time to provide uninterrupted water supply for large fire sites. This is also a major breakthrough in the "dragon water absorption" series developed by Qiaolong

[the same period 3. When installing the tensile testing machine, we can also insert a small piece of iron under the main body and the dynamometer and then align it] Lin Zhiguo, chairman of Fujian Qiaolong emergency equipment Co., Ltd.

this system can solve the problem of fire fighting. When the fire is large and there is a lack of water, we can use our three cars from water to water, which can supply up to five kilometers, In this way, it can solve the problem of our whole fire water source. One key control is all intelligent. As soon as the car starts, it's just a button. Don't worry about the rest, including the whole control system. It's all intelligent

[commentary] it is learned that machines like Hai should be able to collect half of the debris in the garbage belt within five years. With the approval of the Ministry of Commerce, the cross strait Machinery Industry Expo 2010 was held on November 8 every year and has been successfully held for eight times. Relying on Fujian Longyan's unique industrial advantages, regional advantages and advantages over Taiwan, the cross strait Machinery Industry Expo has become an important platform for cross strait investment cooperation, industrial docking, and economic and trade exchanges

Wu Shengwei, Fujian Longyan report

: [Lu Yan]

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