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Anhui Forklift Group Company adheres to innovation and has entered the world's top ten

Anhui Forklift Group Company adheres to innovation and has the advantages of high efficiency, energy saving and high cost performance. It has entered the world's top ten

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Guide: Heli, as an old state-owned enterprise, has been developing very well. So what is the key to the reform of state-owned enterprises? First, there should be a mechanism to adapt to market competition. If there is no mechanism to adapt to market competition, you cannot take the initiative in market competition; Second, we must take independent innovation as an enterprise

"Heli, as an old state-owned enterprise, has been developing very well. Then, what is the key to doing well in the reform of state-owned enterprises? First, there should be a mechanism to adapt to market competition. If there is no mechanism to adapt to market competition, you will be in charge. Once again, the field of diaphragm materials cannot grasp the initiative of market competition; second, independent innovation must be the core of enterprise competitiveness! We must have both high-quality products and price advantages." This is an important speech made by General Secretary Hu Jintao during his inspection of Anhui Forklift Group Company on January 13 this year

then, as an old state-owned enterprise, how did Anhui Forklift Group withstand the test of the market economy and the changing global economy, continue to grow and create impressive performance

Anhui Forklift Group Company (hereinafter referred to as "Heli force"), for many years, has adhered to the overall situation of reform, took development as the first priority, and focused on building a strong enterprise. The economic benefits have increased year by year. It has walked out of a path from weak to strong, from extensive to intensive management, with high scientific and technological content, good economic benefits, and less environmental pollution The new use of appropriate additives to modify polymer wood flour surface type industrialization development road, which has given full play to the advantages of human resources, has become the production, scientific research and export base of China's forklift industry, leading and driving the rapid development of China's national forklift industry

looking at the development history of Heli in the past 50 years, especially in the past 20 years, the key is to adhere to innovation and lead the industry at several critical junctures related to the development of enterprises. Therefore, it has always been one upmanship and leading step by step in the domestic industry

from technology introduction to technology output

in the early days of the founding of the people's Republic of China, the technology and production of China's forklift manufacturing industry were zero. Since the first forklift was copied in 1953, after the development stages of Surveying and mapping imitation, improved design, self-designed and joint design, its technical level and production scale were 20 years behind the world's advanced level

in the mid-1980s, foreign forklift giants began to enter the Chinese market on a large scale. Heli keenly realizes that if the national forklift manufacturing level is not improved as soon as possible, China's forklift market will be replaced by foreign brands. After in-depth investigation of the international market, we will work together to aim at the most advanced forklift manufacturing technology in the world, carry out all-round technological innovation, and carry out a thorough transformation and improvement of China's forklift manufacturing technology and process

it was 1985, when the economic system reform focusing on cities was in full swing. In the surging tide of China's economic reform, we decided to seize the opportunity and introduce from a high starting point. They invested a lot of money to introduce the internationally advanced 1-10 ton internal combustion counterweight forklift manufacturing technology from a Japanese company, one of the top ten forklift manufacturers in the world

at the same time, they jointly sent a representative group composed of technicians and production backbones to study advanced manufacturing technology in Japan. Just like this, after a few days of visit and study, the high-quality Heli staff, with their wisdom and the spirit of being first, set off a vigorous "drawing localization movement" to transform the drawings provided by TCM company into advanced production technology and production capacity

the level of technology and equipment is the basis of innovation and development. Together, we firmly grasp the technological innovation and technological transformation related to the expansion of reproduction of the enterprise connotation, purchase high, precision and cutting-edge key numerical control equipment with high standards, and add more than 170 sets of numerical control equipment represented by machining centers, so that the equipment newness coefficient reaches more than 80%, and the equipment numerical control rate reaches 80%; Four flexible metal processing production lines with international advanced level have been built, and the number of all key parts produced by forklift truck can be sampled repeatedly to see how to control the repeatability; Build a world-class pretreatment, coating and forklift assembly line; Build a 5-42 ton large tonnage forklift production area, sheet metal production area and battery forklift production line integrating metal cutting, structural parts manufacturing, final assembly, testing and finishing, and paint, so that the forklift manufacturing leaps to the international advanced level from the process and equipment level of key processes such as blanking, welding, metal cutting, assembly, and machine testing

in order to improve the design accuracy and design quality of forklift products in the aspects of mechanism optimization design, forklift stability calculation, forklift power system overall parameter calculation, etc., tens of millions of yuan have been invested together, and considerable progress has been made in CAD (Computer Aided Design), MIS (computer information system), CAPP (computer aided process), which not only greatly shortens the design cycle and production cycle of new products, It has enhanced the ability of enterprises to adapt to market changes, and has become the first enterprise in the national machinery industry to get rid of the drawing board and use computers for product design. After several years of digestion, absorption and independent innovation, we worked together to narrow the gap at the fastest speed, catch up with the world's advanced level, take the lead in our peers, and seize the commanding height of China's forklift market. In 1991, we quickly ranked first in the same industry in China, and monopolized the top in China's forklift industry for 17 consecutive years

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