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Nanjing Zhongda develops high-tech film products (I)

in order to produce textile packaging, Nanjing Zhongda Group, a high-tech enterprise that can be directly or indirectly illuminated by the sun and other soft plastic new materials research, development, production and sales, has made full use of the advantages of the capital market, increased investment, grasped the development trend of the soft plastic material industry, vigorously carried out the research, development and utilization of new products, and achieved leapfrog development, At present, it has become the largest production base of soft plastic materials in China. The company's main new product BOPP film was one of the top ten products in Asia, and the CPP production line was also one of the largest production lines in the country at that time

Nanjing Zhongda regards scientific and technological innovation as the ladder of enterprise progress, makes full use of its own advantages in capital market and technical talents, vigorously carries out technological transformation and innovation investment, actively cooperates with national scientific research institutions and institutions of higher learning, and constantly introduces new products required by the market, and has successively imported TBEA's high-tech products and services into the United States, India, Russia, Tajikistan Angola and other more than 70 countries and regions have successfully developed new products such as flame retardant membranes and super membranes. Nanjing Zhongda independently and successfully developed BOPP gold stay film to replace the traditional BOPET stay film, so that the gold stay film has the excellent characteristics of synchronous shrinkage with BOPP heat shrinkable packaging film. Last year, Nanjing Zhongda scientific research center also cooperated with Sichuan University and other scientific research institutions to develop the anti red and anti wrinkle film, and achieved phased results, which greatly improved the anti red and anti wrinkle performance of the products; They cooperated with the Chinese Academy of Sciences to closely track the development of nanotechnology in the field of soft plastic new materials and explore the application of nanotechnology in the field of soft plastic new materials. The above-mentioned new products have been highly praised by domestic experts and users

with the approval of the China Securities Regulatory Commission, Nanjing Zhongda issued 45million additional RMB ordinary shares, which was successfully issued recently, raising about 357million yuan

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