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High tech "incubates" a new life in the future

the high tech Industry Museum, which debuted at the wcif, is an eye opener for all kinds of "strange" gadgets that are more and more close to the field of life -

as a new high-tech event with the largest planning area, the largest number of exhibitors and the latest products in the West in recent years, the high tech Industry Museum, Hall 4 of the wcif, has become one of the most eye-catching pavilions in the whole venue

in the exhibition area of 11500 square meters, there are six sections, including high-tech industry exhibition area, military and civil dual-use high-tech and products exhibition area, scientific and technological achievements exhibition area in some western regions, some national high-tech parks exhibition area, colleges and universities exhibition area and patent promotion exhibition area. In addition to the 763 project products from 508 enterprises and institutions in Sichuan Province, more than 230 project products from 114 enterprises and institutions in 15 provinces, regions and cities such as Beijing and Shanghai were also exhibited

six "eggshells" lead the six advantageous fields

into Hall 4, and a strong scientific and technological atmosphere is coming - six white "eggshell" shaped exhibition halls are scattered, and the brilliant lights of golden yellow, blue and red diffuse from inside to outside, giving people the feeling of "incubating" a new life in the future. These six "eggshells" together form a comprehensive exhibition area of high-tech industries in Sichuan Province, covering six advantageous fields such as electronic information, advanced manufacturing, bioengineering, new materials, new energy, aerospace and so on

hydraulic oil and electric units used in nuclear power and wind power generation material experimental machines, large passenger aircraft, diesel locomotives, industrial and life intelligent robots, etc., all of which come from the crystallization of independent innovation in the six fields of Sichuan high-tech industry, It indicates that Sichuan has entered a leap period of high-tech industry from "leading industry" to "leading industry"

commercial aero engines are the largest in size.

at the Aerospace Museum, several long march rocket models independently developed by China are lined up in a magnificent manner. In the museum, high-tech products with dazzling metallic light exude unique charm. Large commercial aeroengines are the largest and most impressive exhibits in the exhibition hall

"all other exhibits in the museum are real parts, which will eventually be assembled on Airbus Boeing aircraft." A staff member of AVIC Chengdu Engine Company, an exhibitor, said, "this is our first time to participate in the West China International Expo. The purpose is to show the people of the country that China's aviation industry has the ability to produce large-scale aero-engine manufacturing."

in front of the booth of the electronic information Museum, a "unmanned aircraft" used in the earthquake relief of the "5.12" Wenchuan earthquake attracted countless visitors. It was through its unmanned low altitude remote sensing system that the aircraft successfully obtained the dynamic monitoring data of Beichuan, Wenchuan and other hard hit areas from May 14 to May 26, 2008. At the same time, this technology also showed great prestige during the Beijing Olympic Games

fluorescent new materials go deep into "house number"

in the new materials exhibition area, "No. 8 Xingfu Street", "No. 6 Xingfu community" and other house numbers and traffic signs are displayed on the booth one by one, emitting faint fluorescence. "Tong is better than PES and nylon rare earth light storage new materials. In the past, the signs that were not easy to see at night were fluorescent and easier to identify." The person in charge of Sichuan Xinli light source enterprise, which developed the product, said that at present, this technology has been widely used in road traffic, and Chengdu Metro will also use it

in the dazzling high-tech exhibition hall, multimedia 3D digital vision technologies such as e-books, 3D movies, and "human-computer interaction" technology products make people sigh for a more convenient and simple new life in the future

cooking and welding in addition to exhaust gas, heavy "box" is not stupid

it can not only turn water into fire, but also filter car exhaust carbon deposition. Is it so magical? Don't doubt that the high-tech displayed in Shanghai Songjiang exhibition area really has this ability

a foursquare, clumsy and heavy black "box" stood at the door of the exhibition area. "Don't underestimate it. It has many functions." When the particle size of the materials entered the nanometer range, the person in charge of Shanghai Gaoqi New Energy Technology Co., Ltd. said proudly that this is a hydrogen oxygen separation equipment, which was just developed by the company in July this year. As long as the water source is connected, the equipment can realize the separation of hydrogen and oxygen. After conversion, the two gases released can not only be used for cooking, but also remove carbon from automobile exhaust. It can also replace acetylene gas to realize welding technology. "The maximum temperature can reach 3000 degrees Celsius, which is 50% more energy-saving than acetylene. It not only saves resources, but also realizes environmental protection and pollution-free." The person in charge introduced that the hydrogen and oxygen separation equipment for home cooking is smaller and the price is about 5000 yuan

tap the screen, and you can choose the dishes.

in front of the Anhui booth, many visitors pointed with interest on the 70 inch TV screen. Originally, this is a multi touch multimedia all-in-one machine developed by Hefei Shangzhi Information Technology Co., Ltd., which is much more advanced than similar products used by TV hosts. As long as you gently slide your fingers on the screen, you can change multiple pictures. No matter how you zoom in, zoom out, turn around, or move, the image is always clear. In fact, this technology is not only applicable to TV media, but also widely used in the catering industry. Nowadays, many high-end restaurants are equipped with multimedia technology for guests to order, and guests can also see the whole process of cooking through this screen while waiting to serve

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