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In recent years, due to the wide application of computers, digital equipment has achieved rapid development, and has formed a new industry, increasing the demand for high-tech mechanical and electrical products

there are more than 200 varieties of printing equipment family, most of which are high-tech equipment. In these equipment, mechanical, electronic, hydraulic, pneumatic, optical, acoustic, chemical, laser, optical cable transmission and other scientific and technological means are widely used, resulting in mechanized, semi-automatic, automated printing equipment

The matching mechanical and electrical products used by printing equipment have gone through the process from traditional products to high-tech products. Most printing equipment has become high-tech products, and the pace of equipment renewal and transformation is accelerating. In particular, the backward products eliminated by the state in recent two years have been gradually withdrawn from the market, and the demand for backward mechanical and electrical products is declining

the application of high and new technology has made great strides forward

printing equipment has made great progress in the application of contemporary scientific and technological achievements, especially in the application of computers, satellite communications, microelectronics, lasers and optical cables

variable frequency speed regulation technology

in the past, large-scale equipment mostly used DC speed regulation, small and medium-sized equipment mostly used electromagnetic motor (slip motor) speed regulation, some equipment used commutator speed regulation, and some equipment used stepless speed regulation. Due to the development and industrialization of frequency conversion and speed regulation technology, the main transmission system of printing machinery now adopts frequency converter to adjust the speed, which simplifies the equipment structure and saves energy and steel in the next few years. In recent years, the auxiliary functions of some printing equipment have also begun to use variable-frequency adjustable speed motors to replace functional components such as magnetic particle brakes, magnetic particle clutches, DC motors, etc

shaftless drive technology (refers to independent drive technology)

shaftless drive technology has been applied in Web lithography press. In 2004, this advanced technology in China entered the trial production stage. At present, Beiren Printing Machinery Co., Ltd., Shanghai Gauss printing equipment Co., Ltd. and Jiangsu Baonan printing Machinery Co., Ltd. have launched one prototype respectively. The web gravure printing machines of Shaanxi beiren printing machine Co., Ltd. and Guangdong Zhongshan Songde Packaging Machinery Co., Ltd. also applied this technology, starting a new round of transmission technology revolution. The servo AC motor, drive system and numerical control system involved in shaftless transmission technology are still not produced by manufacturers in China. They are mainly products of German Bosch Rexroth, baumiller and Lenz companies, and the application software combined with the printing machine is mostly solved by joint design. Shaftless transmission technology has been widely used in foreign countries to transform printing equipment. In addition to the above-mentioned enterprises providing technical support, some enterprises also use the numerical control system of Siemens in Germany and Yaskawa in Japan (the numerical control system of FANUC in Japan has not yet entered the field of printing equipment), and the application software of printing machine is designed by the enterprises themselves

the core of shaftless transmission technology is to directly drive the printing drum with servo motor, which eliminates the connection between the long shaft and the gearbox between multiple units. 6. Load decomposition degree: 1/200000, which greatly simplifies the structure. At the same time, under the control of the driver and controller, the problems of tension control, registration, ink balance, water leveling, ink leveling, ink color control and so on are solved, the time of auxiliary operation is reduced, and the printing auxiliary materials such as paper are saved

new electrical components

new electrical components have been widely used, including stepper motor, encoder, programmable controller, servo motor, touch screen, photoelectric switch, optical cable communication, etc. The application of these new electrical components not only replaces a large number of electrical components such as contactors and sensors, but also enables the printing equipment to have the functions of programming, fault diagnosis, position display and so on, improves the automation of the equipment, and reduces the electrical failure rate and the labor intensity of workers

other properties

a variety of process methods are used to solve the corrosion and wear resistance problems of printing plate cylinder, rubber cylinder, embossing cylinder, water roller and other parts. The main methods used are: hard chromium plating, chemical plating (amorphous plating), flame spraying, arc spraying, ion spraying, brush plating, vulcanization, etc. For water rollers, electroplating blistering often occurs in use 65380; Solutions have also been found to the problems of corrosion and cracking

special parts

there are already special enterprises in China that hehe manufactures some special parts for each specification of high-strength bolts, such as ceramic grain rollers and connecting die-cutting rollers for flexographic printing machines; Electric engraving cylinder of gravure printing machine; The offset press uses a number of mechanical and electrical supporting products specially used for printing equipment, such as alcohol fountain water rollers with special treatment, ink remote control devices, etc

the core component of digital printing equipment

digital printing equipment is a new trend in the production and development of printing equipment and an irreversible development direction. Domestic enterprises have just begun to set foot in this field, and all electromechanical supporting products rely on imports. For example, the laser head of digital direct plate making machine, the inkjet head of digital ink-jet printing machine, the laser plate making head of digital printing machine and other core components have not been produced by domestic manufacturers, which should also attract the attention of relevant departments, and accelerate the pace of introduction and independent research and development, so as to promote the development of domestic digital printing equipment

five problems still need to be solved

at present, the high-tech electromechanical supporting products used by printing equipment manufacturers mainly use imported and domestic joint-venture products, such as frequency converters mainly use Mitsubishi, Fuji, Yaskawa, Omron, Siemens, ABB products; Programmable controller adopts foreign products; The products related to the application of shaftless transmission technology adopt the products of Germany Bosch Rexroth, baumile, Lenz, Yaskawa and Siemens; SKF products are used as special bearings for printing machines; The cylinder solenoid valve adopts the products of Ozu and Taiyang; Even some simple supporting electromechanical products such as buttons and photoelectric switches also use foreign products. The reasons are as follows

(1) there are no domestic manufacturers of supporting electromechanical products for printing equipment

(2) electromechanical supporting manufacturers do not understand the production process of printing equipment, and some general supporting electromechanical products cannot meet the requirements of printing process

(3) the quality of some supporting electromechanical products is not up to standard, and the failure rate is too high to withstand the test of highly automated printing equipment

(4) the quality of materials used for supporting electromechanical products is not up to standard, and the service life is low. Users propose to use foreign products when ordering

(5) some electrical supporting products are not suitable for frequent jogging, slow operation and long-time operation of printing equipment, and there is a large gap in reliability between them and foreign countries

the government once proposed to strengthen the development of basic parts to meet the urgent needs of complete machine products, which is a very correct decision. Some enterprises' statistics show that after the equipment is sold to users, about 60% of the quality problems come from electromechanical supporting products, which is also a reason why printing equipment widely adopts foreign electromechanical supporting products. This state should be paid attention to by electromechanical supporting enterprises

market condition of printing equipment

the total sales of printing equipment in China's market is about 24 billion yuan, with an annual growth rate of more than 15%, of which the export of printing equipment is 262 million US dollars, an increase of more than 50% over 2003. The import value of printing machinery and equipment is 17. US $1.6 billion, an increase of 8% over 2003, converted into about 14billion yuan. Among them, the main enterprise groups: beiren group, Shanghai Electric Group, Zhongjing group, Guanhua group, Xinji group and other enterprises have sales of more than 4billion yuan. These enterprises are the main application markets of electromechanical supporting products. Although the growth of sales in 2005 tends to be flat, with the improvement of people's living standards, the development of printing machinery technology, the annual increase in the export volume of printing equipment and the substantial growth of domestic market share, the demand for electromechanical supporting products will show an increasing trend

at present, there are about 450 domestic printing equipment manufacturers, and the varieties and specifications of printing machinery products are constantly expanding. The application of frequency converters, programmable controllers, touch screens and other electrical supporting products is about 30000-40000 sets/year, and the main motor power of the equipment involved in the application of frequency converters is 0. 4~82kW。 With the application of independent drive technology, servo motor and its drive system will be widely used

in 2005, printing equipment manufacturing enterprises generally operated well, with the following main signs

(1) sales continue to grow, especially in several large enterprise groups. The main factors for sales growth are high-end products - sheet fed multicolor printing machines, web newspaper printing machines, full sheet paper packaging and printing equipment, post press book binding equipment, etc

(2) during the Tenth Five Year Plan period, several large enterprise groups completed asset restructuring, forming conditions, relocation construction in other places, factory relocation and product structure adjustment respectively, laying a solid foundation for further development

(3) most of the original state-owned enterprises have completed private restructuring and joint-stock reform, realizing the diversification of capital composition. Some enterprises with difficulties in operation have been acquired by foreign capital; Some are merged by powerful enterprises; In order to enhance market competitiveness, other small enterprises have formed a number of enterprise groups through joint and reorganization, such as Wutai Group, Zhongde group, Xinji group, Guangyu group, etc

(4) while meeting the needs of domestic users, the awareness of participating in international competition has been strengthened, the export volume of printing equipment has increased significantly, and enterprises are enthusiastic to go abroad to participate in the exhibition. A considerable number of enterprises participated in the 2001 Chicago exhibition, the 2002 Birmingham exhibition and the 2003 iGAS exhibition in Japan. In 2004, the German drupa exhibition, Chinese enterprises have reached an unprecedented scale

in 2005, the state carried out macro-control on the printing industry, limiting the repeated investment of printing equipment, especially the completion of the national economic development plan of the tenth five year plan, the printing industry and printing equipment manufacturing industry entered a period of adjustment, and the growth of sales tends to slow down, but in the long run, the development space of printing equipment is quite broad, especially the backbone equipment of the printing industry, sheet fed multicolor printing machine Web multi-color printing machines, digital direct plate making machines and digital printing machines that have sprung up in modern times will have a broad development market, which will have a positive impact on the development of electromechanical supporting products


source: business information of printing materials in China

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