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High tech shows up in the West China International Trade Fair nano coating makes buildings warm in winter and cool in summer

high tech shows up in the West China International Trade Fair nano coating makes buildings warm in winter and cool in summer

April 7, 2009

"transparent heat insulating glass coating" added a "thermal insulation jacket" to the windows

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[China coatings information] yesterday, the 13th China East West cooperation and investment and Trade Fair opened in Xi'an, from 31 provinces The displacement measurement of the experimental machine in the regulation is actually the measurement of large deformation of materials. Delegations from autonomous regions, municipalities directly under the central government and Xinjiang production and Construction Corps participated in the exhibition. In the Shanghai exhibition area, nearly 60 units and 130 projects organized by the Municipal Science and Technology Commission participated in the exhibition and negotiation. It is found that the exhibition items in this city are mainly scientific and technological innovation achievements

add a "thermal jacket" to the window.

in the Shanghai exhibition area, the booth of Fujia New Material Technology Co., Ltd. has display boards in addition to environmental testing machines such as fully automatic testing machines, large-scale structural testing machines, up and down temperature constant temperature and humidity salt fog, electronic durability creep testing machines, and a small Western-style house with red roofs and white walls. When the exhibitor turned on the two infrared lights installed in front of the model, the temperature counts in the two rooms of the small villa began to rise. However, the rising range of these two thermometers is obviously different, one fast and one slow, and finally the temperature difference between the two buildings reaches 7 degrees Celsius

Wei Yong, the technical director of the company, said that one window glass of the building was painted with "transparent thermal insulation glass paint", while the other glass was not painted, which is the mystery. According to reports, this coating is composed of nano semiconductor materials. In summer, semiconductor materials block infrared rays from entering the sun through free electron oscillations; In winter, it can block the emission of indoor infrared rays, so as to achieve the effect that the building is warm in winter and cool in summer. By making semiconductor materials into nanoscale, the paint can "release" all visible light in sunlight and keep the window glass transparent

in addition, the transparent heat-insulating glass coating can also block some ultraviolet rays, which is beneficial to human body. Wei Yong said that compared with some imported thermal insulation films, under the same light transmittance, the nano coating has a greater barrier to solar energy, and the effect of controlling indoor temperature is better. The sample continues to stretch significantly. In summer, it can reduce the room temperature by 2-7 degrees Celsius, and in winter, it can increase the room temperature by 2.5-5 degrees Celsius, saving the amount of air conditioning and heating equipment

it is reported that last month, nearly 3000 square meters of glass exterior walls of Shanghai Science and technology museum were covered with this "thermal jacket". As a special project of Expo science and technology, it will also be used for the construction of the German Pavilion

the multimedia message of the anti-theft system reminds the host that like energy conservation and environmental protection, information technology is also a key display in the Shanghai exhibition area. At the booth of Zhituo Electronic Technology Co., Ltd., the "remote wireless real-time MMS security system" has attracted the attention of many people. This system is used for anti-theft. It is understood that at present, the enterprise is cooperating with the public security department to promote the application of the system in a community in the city to ensure the property safety of residents. With the help of PEEK, it has innovated the water spray cleaning method

at first glance, this product is nothing but a "gadget" with a camera. According to the exhibitor, it can be installed in a hidden place at home, and the probe can reach 110 degrees. When the door is opened, its infrared sensing device can recognize it, then take a picture of the "uninvited guest", and send the picture to the user in the form of MMS through wireless technology, so that the owner of the house can master the situation and call the police in time

at present, the company is cooperating with Shanghai Jiaotong University to try to introduce face recognition system. In this way, when the family enters the room, the security system can recognize it without transmitting the image to the user

3D touch screen display of Expo buses

in the major scientific and technological projects sector, the Expo project has become the focus of attention. On a large glass screen, visitors point with their fingers and understand the performance and characteristics of the super capacitor hybrid vehicle by touching the three-dimensional display screen. This kind of bus is a major scientific research achievement of the city, which has achieved zero exhaust emission, solved the problems of "visual pollution", poor mobility and planning difficulties of trolley bus feeders, and provided a new model for the sustainable development of public transport in China

at present, the supercapacitor vehicle has operated nearly 1million kilometers on the No. 11 bus line, and will drive into the Expo Park

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