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The application and development of industrial textiles and nonwovens is in the ascendant, which provides a new opportunity for the development and revitalization of China's textile industry. Among the fiber raw materials used in this industry, high-tech fiber can make the fabric have special properties and functions. Therefore, it is an important aspect for industrial textiles to meet the engineering requirements of downstream industries and promote the development of national economy. In this exhibition, more than 10 companies exhibited some relatively new fibers developed by themselves, which enriched the raw material varieties of industrial textiles

the para aramid fiber of Yantai spandex Co., Ltd. has excellent properties such as high strength, high modulus, high temperature resistance and flame retardance. At the same time, it also has the advantages of low relative density, fatigue resistance and shear resistance. It has been widely used in personal protection, aerospace, electronic information and other fields before the failure is determined. It has developed into a high-performance fiber with the largest output and the widest use in the world. Along with para aramid, its applied product anti cutting gloves are displayed. With the acceleration of China's industrialization process, it is very necessary to be suitable for products related to industrial production. After the industrial production of meta aramid, the company also developed para aramid. As the most representative variety in the current high-tech field, the para aramid project of Yantai spandex has attracted the attention of peers all over the world

the polysulfone fiber of Shanghai teanlun Fiber Co., Ltd. is an organic high temperature resistant fiber with independent intellectual property rights. Polysulfonamide fiber belongs to aromatic polyamide fiber, which has 25% Meta structure and 75% para structure. Because the main chain contains sulfone group, it is not easy to be destroyed under high temperature conditions. It can be widely used in protective products, filter materials, electrical insulation materials, friction materials and other fields, and plays an important role in the field of high-performance organic materials. At present, a variety of polysulfonamide products have been produced, such as aerospace suits, flight ventilation suits, special military uniforms, military tarpaulins, fire fighting suits, fire fighting suits, forest work suits, furnace work suits, welding work suits, radiation protection work suits, chemical protective suits, high-pressure shielding suits, hotel textiles and life-saving passages, fire curtains, fire gloves, etc

the absorbent fiber shown by British Technical absorbent Co., Ltd. is made of SAF fiber by squeezing the aqueous polymer solution into the hot air flow to dry and form the polymer. At this stage, the fiber is insoluble in water. The extrusion process can form various types of size, and then it is cooled and accurately cut into fibers of different lengths. Saf fiber has many excellent properties: it can provide high water absorption performance of various water absorption grades, but this state is as airlines continue to look for solutions 1 to reduce aircraft weight and reduce costs; No irritation, suitable for occasions with strict toxicity requirements; It is not easy to melt, and it only begins to decompose slowly at a high temperature above 200 ℃. The fiber is effectively used in sanitary materials, dental care, medical supplies and packaging materials. It is also conducive to degradation when used and discarded to prevent environmental pollution

Anfusi flame retardant fiber of Shandong Hailong Kangfute nonwovens Co., Ltd. adopts a new generation of fiber flame retardant technology - sol gel technology, which not only ensures the excellent physical properties of the fiber, but also realizes the characteristics of low smoke, non-toxic, no odor, no melting dripping, etc. The fiber and textile have the effects of flame retardancy, heat insulation and droplet resistance at the same time. Its application performance, safety performance and added value are greatly improved, and can be widely used in civil, industrial and military fields. Anfusi flame retardant fiber has good moisture absorption and permeability, and is easy to dye; It has self extinguishing effect and only produces a small amount of non-toxic smoke; Dense carbonization layer is formed during combustion; The product can be naturally degraded and meets the requirements of environmental protection. It is used in children's toys and household textiles, decorative fabrics for vehicles and public places, working clothes, fire-proof clothes, heat-proof clothes lining, military and industrial coats, etc

haismore developed by Shandong Huaxing Textile Group Co., Ltd. is a marine animal regenerated fiber obtained by wet spinning with high-purity chitosan as raw material. Experiments have proved that haismore has hemostatic function. After acting on the wound, it can reduce scars, promote healing, and have analgesic effect. This kind of fiber is widely used in nonwovens, gauze, bandages and other medical materials to accelerate wound healing, treat burn, scald and trauma patients, and can also be used as absorbable suture for human body. It is understood that the company is stepping up the construction of a production line with an annual output of 2000 tons. Haysmore's technology for preparing spinning solution has been applied for invention patents in China, the United States, the United Kingdom, Japan and other countries

in addition, Hangzhou Dikai, Shanghai INVISTA, Wenlong and other companies have exhibited high-strength nylon yarn, of which high-strength PA66 fiber can be used in the production of airbag fabric. The fiber yarn business department of Boyou International Group provides all kinds of fibers, which are specially used in ground materials, geotextiles, agriculture and gardening, automobiles, furniture decoration, cleaning and sanitation, filtration and packaging, etc. The high-performance fiber Nomex of waibang company, an aluminum profile used in the United States, has the characteristics of non melting, non dripping and non combustion supporting, and can be used in fire fighting clothes, industrial workers' clothes and military uniforms. Silicic acid high-performance fiber developed by belchem fiber materials in Germany is based on silica gel, which can resist continuous high temperature up to 1000 ℃, and has the characteristics of fluff, softness and width

China's industrial textiles and nonwovens industry developed relatively late, and the technical level is relatively low. With the development of economy, the industrial structure has been gradually adjusted, and the technology has been continuously improved. The industry has increasingly urgent requirements for new raw materials. It is understood that domestic two-component, ultra-fine, shaped and other fine processed fibers are produced on a large scale, and the development of Functional Nonwovens and other industrial products corresponding to these fibers is also in progress. It can be said that at present, the development of high-tech fibers has laid the foundation for the development of industrial textiles

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