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PARTS of the United Kingdom tried to roll out a track and trace programme for people using bars and restaurants, when they were allowed to open, which required all clients to supply their name, address and contact details. How well that worked remains to be seen, will England try it again once pubs and restaurants can reopen? I doubt it. I remember listening to a radio phone-in show on the topic and even the radio presenter said that he had gone to his local pub only to find his name already on the list along with Tom Cruise, A Mr. JArticleThirdBigBox. Depp and Donald Duck.

So I guess it didn’t work, plus establishments complained that extra staff were required to “police” clientssome similarities,. However, here in Spain, the QR code could be the answer.
Prior to the hostelry lockdown, we were using QR codes to read the menus to reduce any tactile behaviour and now bars and restaurants which have been given the green light to reopen in Castilla La Mancha are using QR codes as a track and tracing device for their clients. Those heading out to eat and drink, in limited numbers, this weekend will have to download a QR code, fill in their personal details on this website and then they will receive an encrypted QR code which they’ll have to scan at every bar or restaurant.
It’s a novel idea but for certain generations QR codes may be a bit complicated.

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