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After sales service cannot be ignored in the precautions of decoration contract. The most prominent problem is that there are problems during the warranty period, and the decoration company deliberately delays time or refuses to repair it under various excuses. Therefore, consumers should indicate the warranty period, installment payment method and other contents in the contract when signing the contract, in case the decoration company leaves all the risks to consumers

1. Budget measurement

in each decoration order, about 10% to 20% of the profits are obtained by misrepresenting the area. In most cases, the work of measuring the decoration area is completed by the decorator. Even if the owner takes a pen and paper and records it on the side, the change of the decorator's gesture during the measurement is not easy to detect. The original length of 25 cm is likely to become 28 cm. If there is 3cm more here and 3cm more there, the material cost of these extra parts will go into the pocket of the decoration company

2. Adopt split quotation to deceive the owner

in order to make money, decoration companies will always rack their brains and adopt the way of split quotation. It was originally a very simple wardrobe, as long as the total price was quoted, but the smart decoration company was not. How many boards, how much paint, how much labor were needed, and then added up. In this way, it is much higher than the overall quotation. For example, a painter can paint all the walls, wardrobes, lockers, etc. in the home decoration at one go, but if it is taken apart, the paint of the wardrobe will be painted for the second or third time after it is dry, and the wall will be painted three or four times in a row

3. The decoration materials in the contract are often vague

in some contracts, the decoration company is vague about the materials, and the actual decoration may use fake and inferior materials. When the owner investigated, the decoration company took out the original contract and said that the owner did not specify the material brand. Once the owner requires the use of high-quality and environmental friendly decoration materials, the decoration company will ask for a price increase. Some decoration companies also noted in the contract that if the original brand materials are out of stock during the decoration, Party B's decoration company can temporarily replace the materials of the same model. However, it is not specified whether it is of the same quality or of the same material

4. Falsely reporting the loss of building materials

talking about the loss reported by the decoration company to the owner, the loss of decoration is far from as high as the decoration company said. Normal losses of various processes: 800mm× 800mm floor tile loss is 6%, 300mm× The loss of 450mm wall tiles is 5%, the loss of emulsion paint is 3%, and the loss of floor is 5%

the decoration contract is the decision made by the decoration owner and the decoration company on the decoration business after negotiation, and it is used as the certificate for the future decoration owner to check and protect his rights. Therefore, any requirements or negotiation related matters need to be clearly written in the decoration contract, and the best protection for the interests of the owner is the authentic evidence in black and white. The premise of signing the decoration contract is that there should be no more questions in mind when signing the decoration contract. All questions should be solved before signing the contract, and all terms should be written on the contract. Otherwise, the questions when signing the contract are likely to become regrets after decoration

5. Duration agreement

generally, for a room with 2 bedrooms and 100 square meters, if it is simply decorated, the duration is about 35 days. For insurance, the decoration company will generally agree the duration to 45-50 days. If you are in a hurry to check in, you can discuss this clause with the designer when signing

6. Payment method

general decoration contract, agreed to pay 60% down payment, 35% after woodworking acceptance, and 5% after completion. If you follow this form of payment, you will have paid about 95% of the cost to the decoration company after about half of the construction period. If there is any problem in the later stage of decoration, it is difficult to restrict the decoration company in terms of money. Therefore, it is suggested that when signing the contract, the down payment should be reduced to 30% and the interim payment should be 30%. Interim payment: the interim payment time agreed in the general contract is simply to indicate that more than half of the project, and the carpenter closes. However, a construction site is often multi project cross operation, and more than half of the formal construction period should be: the completion of woodwork production; Kitchen and bathroom walls, floor tiles and ceilings are finished; End of wall leveling; The electric transformation is over

7. Increase or decrease items

during the decoration process, it is easy to increase or decrease items, such as making more cabinets, changing more water circuits for several meters, etc. These fees should be paid at the time of completion. How much should the unit price of these items be? If we wait until the construction has started, it may be the design. Therefore, if possible, it is best to copy a complete quotation originally shown to you by the decoration company, so as to avoid the decoration company changing the price when signing the contract or increasing or decreasing the project. It should also be noted that when you finally settle the expenses, the increase and decrease expenses you should pay should be signed by you before the construction of the project. If you do not sign for approval, you can not pay the corresponding expenses

8. Water and electricity cost

during the decoration process, water, electricity, gas, etc. will be used in the on-site construction. Generally, by the end of the project, the water and electricity charges add up to a large number. Who should pay this cost should also be indicated in the contract

9. Construct according to the drawings

construct in strict accordance with the drawings you signed and approved. If the details and dimensions are inconsistent with your design drawings, you can request rework

10. Time and frequency of supervision and quality inspection arrival

general decoration companies assign the project to each construction team to complete. Quality inspectors and supervisors are the most important supervision means for decoration companies. The time interval of their arrival inspection is particularly important to the quality of the project. Supervisors and quality inspectors should be present every two days. The design should also be present once every 3-5 days to see whether the on-site construction results are consistent with their own design

11. In the late stage of project completion, different projects have different warranty periods. The owner can discuss with the company according to the specific situation, retain the original certificate or withhold part of the project funds as the quality guarantee for decoration

12. Project change

when the budget project is changed, both parties should re sign the agreement

13. Contract form

the above decoration contract has three forms: the contractor contracts for labor and materials, some materials, the contractor contracts for labor, and the residents contract materials themselves. In the decoration, the following situations should also be paid attention to. If the decoration company contracts materials, it should ask for the list of purchased materials, certificate of conformity, and invoice; If the owner packs materials by himself, the selected materials must comply with national standards, with quality inspection certificate, product name, specification, model, manufacturer name, address, etc. with Chinese marks. It is forbidden to use decoration materials that are officially eliminated by the state

14. Contract signing

the contract signing should be signed by the legal representative. If there is an entrusted agent, it is necessary to copy the power of attorney. At the same time, ask the decoration company for a copy of the industrial and commercial license and a copy of the qualification certificate. Both copies should be stamped with the company seal, and also ask for a copy of the ID card of the project manager and the person in charge of the project, or a copy of the work permit of the company's formal employees, as well as the contact number

15. Warranty clause

the whole process of decoration is mainly manual on-site production, which has not been fully industrialized, so it is inevitable that there will be various fine quality problems. Within the warranty period, the responsibility that decoration companies should implement is particularly important. For example, if something goes wrong, whether the decoration company is fully responsible for the warranty of labor and materials, or only labor and not responsible for the warranty of materials, or there are other restrictive clauses, these must be clearly written in the contract

16. After sales service

after sales service cannot be ignored in the precautions of decoration contract. The most prominent problem is that there are problems during the warranty period, and the decoration company deliberately delays time or refuses to repair it under various excuses. Therefore, consumers should indicate the warranty period, installment payment method and other contents in the contract when signing the contract, in case the decoration company leaves all the risks to consumers





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