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Spanish imported ceramic tile brand, which imported ceramic tile brand is the best choice to join

which imported ceramic tile brand is the best choice to join in Spain? The European Industrial Revolution started early, and its ceramic industry developed rapidly. Spain has world-class design and production technology, and has produced many world-famous ceramic tile brands. Imported ceramic tile brands are also constantly pouring into China, gradually gaining a foothold in the Chinese market and becoming the largest ceramic tile importer in the Chinese market

which imported ceramic tile brand is the best choice to join in Spain? Taoshi world famous ceramic tile brands, a collection of top-notch products, and put the world into your home. Recently, a new star in the imported ceramic tile industry has sprung up, and the house is full of foreign peaches. A platform for monopolizing high-end imported ceramic tiles, with 25 years of export experience of Loulan ceramics, integrates foreign well-known ceramic tile brand resources, combines new retail, innovates the operation mode, and helps domestic franchisees overcome the problems of imported ceramic tile supply channels, which has attracted much attention in the industry

which imported ceramic tile brand is the best choice to join in Spain? Yangtao full house platform integrates many famous foreign brands, multi brand strategic operation layout, selects ceramic tile brands with world-class reputation, and brings good quality products to domestic consumers. At present, it introduces Italian lea (LEA) COEM (Kuhn) cenamiche CCV castelvetro (castelvetro); There are many well-known brands of keraben in Spain

six advantages of opening up the house to franchisees:

1. The manufacturer provides directly, and there is no intermediate difference to earn the price difference

the manufacturer directly faces offline franchisees, who can sell through sample display. Cut down intermediate links, lower input costs, more stable profits for franchisees, and more affordable purchases for consumers

2. The franchisee of crowdfunding consignment supply chain finance can obtain a lower purchase price than usual; At the same time, consignment also adds an investment income channel to franchisees, earning 20% extra income; Supply chain finance provides financial support for franchisees, solves the problem of capital turnover, and improves the return on investment

3. O2o network wide drainage

with the help of the strong flow of the official mall, it is channeled to the offline franchise stores for transactions, so that franchisees can obtain additional transaction income; At the same time, franchisees can also lead their customers who are difficult to clinch a deal to the official mall, and customer service will follow up to help clinch a deal, so as to obtain additional income

4. Price transparency, ultimate cost performance

platform prices are all open and transparent, and customers can choose and compare freely to enjoy the ultimate cost performance

5. Online and offline, same quality and same price

both online and offline, to ensure that customers can buy "the same" products regardless of which channel

6. Increase increment and high profit

physical stores increase high-end imported brands on the original basis, expand business scale, increase increment and obtain high profit return

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