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On May 6, 2017, Qu Yushan, general manager of the UV and water-based paint department of the Jiabaoli furniture paint business department, visited the hall of fame and unveiled the mysterious veil of the "natural home" water-based wood paint of the Jiabaoli furniture paint. The scene was full

it is fundamental to settle down and find a water-based coating scheme suitable for the characteristics of the enterprise

On May 6, 2017, Qu Yushan, general manager of UV and water-based paint department of garberry furniture paint business department, visited the hall of fame, unveiling the mystery of garberry furniture paint "nature house" water-based wood paint, and the scene was full. At the new product launch, Mr. Qu Yushan analyzed the current pain points of water-based paint from simple to profound, and described how the new products of "nature house" series of garberry furniture paint broke through the difficulties one by one, becoming the most powerful support behind "oil to water". Wonderful and practical dry goods won bursts of applause on the scene, and the hall of fame on that day brought you an unforgettable experience

senior dry goods, directly hit the pain point of "oil to water"

since the implementation of the comprehensive prohibition of solvent based coatings in Beijing and Shenzhen in 2017, the national environmental protection policy has also become increasingly tight. However, many furniture manufacturers are still worried about the pain points of poor transparency and poor hand feel of water-based coatings, as well as the high cost and low efficiency brought by "oil to water"

Qu Yushan explained the "oil to water" project in simple terms from the dual pressure existing in the current water-based paint. From the sharp edge treatment of a coating workpiece to the summary of the main challenges of "changing oil to water", every word is dry goods obtained from decades of experience

learn the three elements of construction,

easily get started in the production of water-based paint

Mr. Qu Yushan described in more detail the construction application problems that every entrepreneur pays most attention to in the process of "oil to water". The three elements of water-based paint construction are analyzed in detail from temperature, humidity and wind speed. Combined with advanced drying technology, it can easily solve the doubts of many entrepreneurs about the practical application of water-based paint, so that the audience can benefit a lot and get started quickly

better water-based products,

more efficient coating equipment

with good water-based paint products, production equipment must keep up. In terms of equipment transformation, Mr. Qu Yushan introduced the high utilization air mixing spray gun equipment in line with international advanced technology, aiming at the current situation that many enterprises want to reduce the coating cost of water-based paint. This equipment greatly improves the coating utilization rate, which is nearly 30% higher than that of conventional spray guns. In addition, for the end customers with large production volume and assembly line coating, he also introduced the water-based electrostatic spraying equipment with the highest paint utilization rate and the reciprocating spraying machine with paint recovery device, whose recovery rate can be as high as 80%

later, Mr. Qu Yushan proposed that in the "oil to water" project, the cost accounting should not focus on the unit price of paint unilaterally, but should be calculated according to the average coating cost per square meter, which is more scientific and closer to the actual needs of customers. Therefore, the key of "oil to water" is not only to choose good water-based paint products, but also to choose efficient coating equipment

in addition, Mr. Qu Yushan also explained advanced drying technologies, such as cold infrared, air jet drying, centralized drying oven, vertical drying tower, 3D UV curing and other technologies, as well as constant temperature and humidity machine, dehumidifier and other humidity control equipment, which benefited the audience a lot

after listening to Mr. Qu Yushan's dry goods sharing, the audience enthusiastically asked questions in the interactive session. Among them, he focused on "how to improve the drying effect if the furniture factory has limited scale and equipment?" It solves the drying problems of many small furniture factories. Mr. quyushan explained that under the condition of limited equipment, a good drying effect can also be achieved by adjusting the temperature, humidity and air flow rate of the drying room. The simple method of landing was praised by the audience on site and online

quality and temperature in the fast times

the two-hour lecture in the hall of fame is extremely wonderful, and the dry content and product display make everyone cry out. The on-site question and answer interaction and communication make the audience satisfied

at the same time, the hall of fame is more open to live webcast, which solves the problems of time and space, and has become a regular monthly advanced study class for the majority of furniture people. Such open academic lectures are the first in the coating industry. This live broadcast has attracted widespread attention in the industry. Nearly 3000 fans studied online, and many media reprinted the reports

the lecture at the garberry Hall of fame is not only a feast of spirit and knowledge, but also a reflection of temperature and quality. Let's look forward to the next knowledge feast




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