Shenzhen Mangrove West Bank successfully installed

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Luxury houses are equipped with luxury furniture. Choosing [Italian home] is to choose furniture products with "luxury" style and furniture distribution and installation experience with good service

the West Bank of mangrove is located in the southwest of Nanshan reclamation area in Shenzhen. The window can be pushed to the south to see the sea. The mangrove wetland and Tianshui Wai in Hong Kong have a panoramic view. It is adjacent to the "window of the world" and "Chinese folk village" in the North, close to Shahe golf course in the west, and a large central theme park in the planning of Mangrove Bay in the East. Every household can see the sea and have a unique view of the excellent natural seascape, And sitting in the modern business intelligence air luxury house, it shows the best life taste of the luxury house with the most coastal hot color in China. Luxury houses are equipped with luxury furniture. Choosing [Italian home] is to choose furniture products with "luxury" style and furniture distribution and installation experience with good service

the main products involved in the installation are Minotti dining table, dining chair, polyform pillow, high back table and leather stool. The furniture products with exquisite production and novel design and the warm and patient service of the staff have won the unanimous praise of customers

the successful cooperation between "Italian house" and many high-end real estate projects once again confirms its strength and professionalism. In this delivery, customers were not only satisfied with Minotti and poliform's furniture products, but also affirmed and praised the fast delivery and meticulous installation services of "Italian house"

minotti table:

minotti's most distinctive brand mark is to create luxurious, comfortable and simple modern furniture by combining the Italian design concept of Tableland juice and tableland flavor with exquisite traditional craftsmanship and modern exquisite manufacturing technology

diameter 1600*74

material: polyurethane, metal, wood

simple design, low-key and introverted color, solid wood texture, creating a stable and advanced feeling

minotti dining chair:

minotti's key characteristic is to interpret the concept of "made in Italy" in an all-round way. Now, tradition and technology are perfectly integrated in this concept. The craftsman's skills make modern mechanized products more delicate, and smart hands inject a trace of delicacy and emotion into modern precision characteristics


material: wood, polyurethane cotton

high grade gray sets off the stable texture of the dining table, and the inclination of the chair back has been carefully considered to improve comfort. The heavy solid chair legs make the chair structure more stable

poliform high back table:

poliform is a typical Italian furniture enterprise and a leader in the international furniture industry. It pursues its own design style, simple and solemn, avant-garde and classic, and has always maintained a keen tentacle of modern fashion life. Poliform is not a traditional minimalist brand, but a brand rooted in modern simplicity and combining the extreme luxury and fashion style of Italy

size 170*55*70h

material: metal and wood

unique structure, unique three-point center of gravity structure shows the rigorous aesthetic concept of poliform, and the smooth striped desktop with artistic texture is quite unique

polyform leather stool:

polyform always takes the focus on quality as its eternal mission. Polyform firmly believes that only simple and practical are perfect and eternal, and what it wants to create is the perfect combination of art and practicality

size: cm56*35.4*h38

material: leather

the straight and neat stool legs show a balanced proportion of the corresponding lines, with fine cutting and sewing details, showing exquisite processing skills. Flexible structure and shape, elegant and stable in one, superior leather materials, guaranteed quality, classic and meaningful

"home of Italy" has established cooperation with more than 3700 home building materials brands in Europe, and is developing into a European imported home building materials service platform with the largest scale, the most brands and the most complete home categories in the Chinese market. In the field of home furnishing and lifestyle, it seems to have been the messenger of Italian design, art and culture. We are committed to creating a high-end luxury home environment for Chinese people that combines Chinese and Western cultures. Realize personalized home customization services for more people





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