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Promoting the electrification, intelligentization, integration and sharing of future travel Zhejiang creates an ecosystem of new energy automobile industry recently, "2018 global future travel conference - Zhejiang new energy automobile industry development forum" was held in Hangzhou. Yangyusheng, academician of the Chinese Academy of engineering, buxianghong, President of Zhejiang automobile industry technology innovation Association and many other industry experts attended the forum

yangyusheng made a keynote speech on "the coordinated development of electric vehicles and power batteries". "Today's pure electric vehicles over install batteries to catch up with the mileage of fuel vehicles, but this has hidden dangers for travel safety." After reading the operating procedures of Hongjun impact testing machine, let's see if the main functions and features of the 18 piece, batch [lot, batch] impact testing machine can meet your needs. Yang Yusheng said that on the one hand, government subsidies are often linked to the battery energy ratio, and on the other hand, pure electric vehicles need to meet the mileage requirements. This makes car companies prefer ternary lithium-ion batteries with high energy density but lower safety in power battery selection. Yangyusheng believes that the development of pure electric vehicles should first solve the contradiction between safety and pure electric mileage. At the same time, it also needs to solve the problems that the power consumption of air conditioners will shorten the mileage, a large number of supporting charging piles and other facilities, and the service life of batteries is generally shorter than that of the whole vehicle. He suggested that micro and small pure electric vehicles should be taken as a breakthrough to develop incremental electric vehicles. The combination of incremental electric vehicles and lithium iron phosphate batteries can effectively solve the main contradiction between safety and mileage

Bu Xianghong elaborated on "building Zhejiang new energy automobile industry ecosystem". At present, 17 enterprises in Zhejiang Province have obtained the production qualification of new energy vehicles, with a design capacity of 400000 vehicles and a future capacity of 480000 vehicles. In 2017, the output of pure electric vehicles in Zhejiang Province was 74000, ranking the third in China. At the same time, a relatively complete new energy vehicle industry chain has been formed, including vehicle manufacturing, production of key components, core basic materials, and manufacturing and construction of charging facilities. Leading enterprises represented by Geely and Zotye have made breakthroughs in tackling key technologies of new energy vehicles, such as the "energy efficiency Golden Triangle" initiated by Geely Automotive Research Institute and the "10 minute full charge" of micro macro Power Research Institute, and other relative mechanical data testing machine technologies have been applied. He said that the new energy automobile industry will focus on the three major fields of energy saving and new energy vehicles, smart cars and key auto parts, and establish several 100 billion level complete vehicle industry bases and auto parts industry clusters through brand leadership, innovation driven, ecological construction and optimization of layout, so as to build a Zhejiang auto new energy industry ecosystem

wangzhongmin, vice chairman of Zhejiang Association for science and technology, said that the Zhejiang new energy automobile industry development forum has provided a platform for the exchange and integration of government, industry, University, research and application for the new energy automobile industry, and is also a strong dialogue in the new energy automobile industry

as representatives of the whole vehicle industry, Geely holdings, zero speed auto and Hengyuan group respectively brought their own opinions and opinions on the new energy vehicle industry based on the needs of different customer groups, and shared their breakthroughs and achievements in the field of new energy vehicles

this forum aims to conduct in-depth analysis on the electrification, intelligence, networking and sharing of new energy vehicles in Zhejiang Province, jointly discuss the development trend and strategic planning of the new energy vehicle industry, and intensively display the development style of the new energy vehicle industry in Zhejiang Province

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