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Start with water-based paint to promote the development of children's wardrobes

start with water-based paint to promote the development of children's wardrobes

August 1, 2014

[China paint information] according to the relevant survey on the consumer market of children's wardrobes, more and more parents are buying wardrobes. The primary standard for reference is the environmental protection of the wardrobes. As the main source of VOC pollution, paint directly determines the environmental protection of wardrobe. Since this year, water-based paint has set off an upsurge in the home market. More and more home enterprises say that "in the future, water-based paint in the home industry may become standard". Therefore, it is a wise choice for the wardrobe enterprises to stimulate the children's wardrobe consumption market with water-based paint

water based paint becomes the future trend. The children's furniture market accounts for 80%

according to the market 18. Power: 2.0kw; According to the survey, water-based paint is more widely used in children's furniture. For example, most well-known children's furniture such as I love my family, pinecone, Zhibai house, etc. use water-based paint. One of the most important and basic properties of general energy is that the finished furniture is generally painted with oily paint, which usually uses banana water as diluent and contains more harmful carcinogens such as benzene and xylene. However, children and teenagers have weak physique and sensitive respiratory tract. Brand furniture tends to choose non-toxic water-based paint in paint use

it is an inevitable trend for children's furniture to use water-based paint. Michael Maloney, President of silcotech, and Gary Lord, global strategic marketing director of health care of Dow Corning, said that the use proportion of water-based paint is increasing year by year. The children's furniture market accounts for about 80%. In addition, the use proportion of high-end adult furniture to water-based paint is also growing. An insider said: "The launch of the new national standard for children's furniture has stricter requirements on environmental protection, so water-based paint has become the first choice for children's environmental protection furniture. Water based paint is widely used in children's furniture, and the well-known brands of children's furniture basically use water-based paint.

pull the children's wardrobe market from paint.

the foreign water-based paint market accounts for 80%-90% of the market share of the coating industry, while in China, the coating industry is still dominated by paint Leading position, the market share of water-based paint only accounts for about 10%. However, water-based paint products are overturning the market position of traditional paint by virtue of their advantages of safety and environmental protection. Because for the environmental protection and health products similar to water-based paint, people can enjoy the fresh air without worrying about the health threat brought by household paint

4. Machining accuracy in the context of the urgent need to solve environmental pollution, more and more parents attach great importance to their children's health and want to get rid of the hidden threat brought by paint. Therefore, the wardrobe sprayed with water-based paint will be the best choice. With the development of the household industry, water-based paint is bound to become a new favorite of the wardrobe industry in the future, and the children's wardrobe market will need to be driven by water-based paint

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