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Promoting the development of green agriculture starts from strengthening the promotion of green agricultural machinery

in order to give full play to the main role of agricultural mechanization technology and equipment in promoting the green development of agriculture, recently, the Department of agricultural mechanization of the Ministry of Agriculture issued the 2017 work plan for agricultural mechanization to promote the green development of agriculture

promoting the development of green agriculture starts from strengthening the promotion of green agricultural machinery

recently, the 2017 work plan for promoting green agricultural development by agricultural mechanization issued by the Department of agricultural mechanization of the Ministry of agriculture proposed that in order to thoroughly implement the essence of the Circular of the Ministry of agriculture on implementing the five actions for green agricultural development Before use, the liquid medium spirit and relevant requirements must be added into the low-temperature tank to promote the innovation, popularization and application of green and efficient agricultural mechanization technology, and provide material, technical and equipment support for the implementation of the five actions of agricultural green development

the plan defines the main tasks: to promote the effective application of agricultural mechanization technology and equipment, support and serve the return of straw to the field, the resource utilization of livestock and poultry manure, the replacement of chemical fertilizer by organic fertilizer of fruit, vegetable and tea, and the recycling of agricultural film, and promote the green development of agriculture by focusing on the policy support, the guidance of technical specifications, the demonstration and adjustment of the amplitude and frequency of various springs, elastomers, and the promotion of training and promotion

the plan proposes that from 2017, open subsidies will be given to green and efficient machines and tools with mature technology, such as straw returning to and from the field, conservation tillage, residual film recovery, livestock and poultry manure treatment, precision fertilization and organic fertilizer preparation, and efficient pesticide application, so as to increase the subsidy support. Select 10 provinces to carry out the pilot subsidy for new agricultural machinery products, focus on the pilot subsidy for new products urgently needed for green development, and fully guide and support product and technological innovation; Piloting the application of unmanned plant protection aircraft. Organize the agricultural machinery test and identification system to focus on the identification of green and efficient machines and tools, supplement weaknesses and strengthen capacity, speed up the test and identification of new products, and promote the promotion of new agricultural machinery products

the plan proposes to organize the Agricultural Machinery Extension Station of the Ministry of agriculture, agricultural machinery extension institutions in key provinces and the National Agricultural Mechanization expert team to carry out comparative tests around key technologies, summarize and release a number of main technical models; We will strengthen the preparation and revision of standards and issue a number of urgently needed industrial standards

first, carry out investigation and test on the application of mechanized farming technology mode under the condition of straw returning to the field in Northeast and other key areas, and issue a batch of mechanized farming technology modes and main pushing machines and tools for different crops

second, organize experts in mechanization of forestry and fruit industry to carry out research on mechanization technology of applying alternative chemical fertilizers to organic fertilizers such as tea, apples and grapes, summarize and formulate 1-2 Guidance Opinions on mechanized production technology, and promote the application of alternative technology of organic fertilizers

third, organize experts in feed and breeding engineering to carry out special research on the source emission reduction, fecal cleaning technology, on-site collection and transportation, treatment technology and resource utilization of fecal pollution of laying hens, cows, pigs and other livestock species, analyze and evaluate the existing mechanized technology, and put forward corresponding ways of resource utilization, innovation and promotion of fecal pollution for different livestock and poultry species

fourth, carry out the test and verification of the agricultural film recovery system with mechanized pickup as the core in Gansu, Ningxia, Xinjiang and other places, and put forward the supporting overall solutions around the agricultural film quality control, agricultural film mechanized pickup, and agricultural film recovery and processing

fifth, organize to sort out, prepare and revise industrial standards for the application and evaluation of machinery and tools such as straw returning to the field, residual film recycling, livestock and poultry manure, etc

the plan also puts forward clear requirements for project demonstration and drive, focusing on the "made in China 2025" agricultural machinery and equipment development action plan, the national key R & D plan "intelligent agricultural machinery and equipment" project, "full mechanization demonstration of main crop production" project, agricultural science and technology innovation capability "construction of agricultural machinery science test base" and other projects, integrating technology, testing and demonstration, and accelerating efficient, intelligent R & D and production of green agricultural machinery equipment and popularization and application of agricultural mechanization technology

first, the users of the special spring fatigue testing machine for intelligent agricultural machinery equipment can take away the heat generated by friction only with accurate and good lubrication. They have mastered the working environment of the testing machine and the implementation progress of the R & D project of the technical equipment for protecting straw harvesting, residual film removal, intelligent fine production of vegetables, intelligent fine production management of modern orchards, and intelligent fine production management of facility livestock and poultry breeding, Strengthen industry university research cooperation to tackle key problems and promote the research and development of relevant new products

the second is to select 35 major crop production full mechanization demonstration counties to carry out the integrated demonstration and promotion of straw returning technology, select major crop full mechanization demonstration counties in Gansu, Xinjiang, Qinghai and other provinces to establish 2-3 residue film mechanized picking test sites, carry out the comparative test of mechanization technology and supporting machines and tools, establish a number of relevant demonstration sites, and explore and improve the technical model

the third is to establish demonstration sites for the verification of straw returning technology in Liaoning, Jilin and other six provinces and regions, and organize on-site demonstration and promotion activities in Jilin, Shandong and other places in conjunction with the Department of science and education of the Ministry of agriculture. Establish demonstration sites of fruit tea organic fertilizer instead of chemical fertilizer technology in Jiangsu, Shaanxi and other provinces to carry out demonstration and promotion of technology

fourth, accelerate the preliminary work of the construction of the whole process mechanized scientific research base for tea and apple, and strive to start the implementation as soon as possible

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