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Overcoming many difficulties, the the Belt and Road has made new achievements. Shandong Xinhe signed a new project with Armenian customers. Release date: Source: China paper media. In 2020, the novel coronavirus pneumonia epidemic spread all over the world. All countries and regions have taken a series of strict control measures. The global industrial chain and international trade business of all countries have been impacted to a certain extent. In the face of multiple difficulties such as the rampant COVID-19, the setback of the global economy, and the occurrence of armed conflict in the client's region, the Armenian client Grand Master fixture worked together with Shandong Xinhe Paper Engineering Co., Ltd. to overcome the difficulties. In September, 2020, when the pendulum impact tester for the new project was signed remotely, the commissioning must be stopped - it will be by Shandong Xinhe Paper Engineering Co., Ltd, Provide Armenian grand master company with household paper and food packaging paper production equipment of you4 and brake pedal durability test quality! The two sides are willing to cooperate with each other in a friendly manner and do their best to promote the extensive use of Rockwell hardness tester in industrial production and the construction of the Silk Road Economic Belt

Shandong Xinhe Paper Engineering Co., Ltd., as a supplier of high-end paper-making equipment and a professional paper-making solution provider, will continue to forge ahead, actively innovate and forge ahead on the way forward, and provide customers with optimized products and solutions

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