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Open up the innovation chain and improve the vitality of the value chain. The "pump" has made great strides towards the level of 100 billion

it has more than 3000 related enterprises, more than 60000 employees and an annual output value of more than 45 billion yuan. The output of small water pumps, air compressors and Microcomputers accounts for two thirds of the national market and one seventh of the global market... This is Wenling, the hometown of water pumps in China. One of the largest enterprises in China, along with China's small pump industry

has more than 3000 related enterprises, more than 60000 employees, and an annual output value of more than 45 billion yuan. The output of small pumps, air compressors and microcomputers accounts for two-thirds of the national market and one seventh of the global market... This is Wenling, the hometown of water pumps in China

the most famous enterprises in China, along with the titles of "country" such as China's famous small pump industry city, the national water pump export base, the national small electromechanical export base, the national new industrialization industry demonstration base, all prove the popularity and influence of Wenling pump and motor industry cluster

however, with the declining demographic dividend, rising production costs and prominent environmental costs, the industry reshuffle and enterprise transformation have reached a critical period

2020, Taizhou leading group for industrial transformation and upgrading will, on the basis of vigorously developing the cultivation of seven hundred billion yuan industries, deeply implement the "456" advanced industrial cluster cultivation project, aiming to promote the coordinated promotion of the overall layout of industries, enterprises, platforms, technologies, projects and talents, and strive to make the pump and motor industry grow into a national advanced industrial cluster by 2025

at present, around the optimization and upgrading of pumps and motors, a new blueprint for industrial fission and expansion is rapidly unfolding

tap the market potential in development

the machine tools are running loudly, and the workers are working in an orderly manner... With the anxiety of the new year gone, Leo's workshop has already recovered its former excitement

"although the production time was delayed for one month, this year our operating revenue increased instead of decreased. In the first half of the year, we achieved a total operating revenue of 7.356 billion yuan, an increase of 5.41% over the same period of the previous year." Said yantufu, chairman and general manager of Leo Group Zhejiang Pump Co., Ltd

in recent years, Leo has been actively exploring new markets while cultivating internal skills. Especially under the epidemic this year, the domestic market has become the key target of Leo. Under the situation that the State encourages the development of "economic internal circulation", the enterprise has established a professional team on the original basis to focus on the domestic market. "In recent years, the transformation of various old residential areas and infrastructure construction in China have been intensified, and a large number of pumps need to be invested. This market has great potential and is worth exploring."

aiming at new markets and solving problems from "new" has almost become the common feature of Wenling pump and motor enterprises this year

take Zhejiang Mingzhen Electronics Co., Ltd. for example. The main market of the enterprise is in Western Europe and some Eastern European countries. However, after the outbreak of the epidemic, the export volume of the enterprise once fell to the freezing point, and the orders exported to Europe in the first quarter were reduced by 40%

in the face of difficulties, the enterprise put forward the 8-character policy of "improving efficiency, reducing cost, and innovating with characteristics". After returning to work and production, the enterprise gave full play to its product advantages, adjusted its strategies, and moved to the Southeast Asian market. At the same time, seize the opportunity of further increasing the demand for fans in various regions, adjust the production line, increase the investment in anti epidemic products, and realize the counter wind turnover of product export with the reasonable spare parts reserve and complete production line, plus the reasonable adjustment of market strategy

show the "hard core" strength in the brand

the reason why the development in the new market can be accelerated is that both Leo and howbay believe that it is inseparable from the blessing of the brand, which is also an invincible weapon for Wenling pump and motor industry in the international "battlefield"

under the crisis, in the first half of this year, the sales revenue of Zhejiang Dayuan Pump Industry Co., Ltd. still achieved a 14% growth rate, and the net profit increased by 34%. The market value of the company in the extrusion unit equipment was more than 4billion yuan in August, double that of more than 2billion yuan at the beginning of the year

this is a very surprising answer. In addition to the advantages of technological innovation and quality improvement, the awesome of private brands is also one of the reasons behind the data. It gives Dayuan more confidence and competitiveness in the market competition

"this year marks the 30th anniversary of the founding of Dayuan brand, and Dayuan has defined its brand strategy at the beginning." Yuwen, Secretary of the board of directors of Dayuan pump, said, "for us, the brand is the added value of the enterprise's products, also represents the influence of the enterprise in the industry, and is also the cornerstone for the enterprise to go on for a long time."

the strength of Dayuan brand is more intuitively reflected in the operating results - Dayuan pump has achieved business growth for many years. In the past 8 years, the company's annual compound growth rate of operating revenue has reached 13.46%, and the annual compound growth rate of net profit has reached 23.48%. The company has risen rapidly with its level and performance superior to comparable companies in the same industry, becoming a leader in the pump industry

it is not only Dayuan that sees the "weight" of the brand. Leo has comprehensively promoted the construction of its own brand since 2008. "Before 2008, 100% of our products were OEM, but now Leo's own brands have been sold to more than 30 countries and regions around the world. In 2017, independent brands accounted for 60% of the total sales." Linrenyong, executive director of Leo Group Zhejiang Pump Industry Co., Ltd., said that the brand building has further improved Leo's popularity and reputation, and also established Leo's leading position in the pump industry at home and abroad

sharpen the "sword edge" of competition in management

but brand building is not successful by shouting slogans, and the road to brand creation is not easy

Yu Wen believes that the reason why a brand has weight is that it carries the "weight" of innovation, quality, management and service. "The development of this industry has entered the stage of 2.0. What can be achieved at this stage must be its excellence in management, which includes cost control, quality control, talent formation and other factors."

Jiuzhou electric makes the quality control go ahead of the production

"many enterprises put quality control on later detection, but we believe that prevention in advance is more important than later detection." The relevant person in charge of the enterprise said that Jiuzhou motor often takes a long time to do market research when developing a new product. According to the needs of customers, it sorts out the possible problems in the motor and its design process, designs the prevention points in advance, and clearly marks them. In this way, the designers will pay attention to this point and treat it with caution

"in the production process, we will also require the production personnel to formulate a production quality control plan in advance, listing in advance the key links such as the quality control points, equipment requirements and process control requirements of each process in the production and manufacturing process, simulating them in advance, and then putting them into production." He said

since its inception in 1993, Zhejiang Dongyin Technology Co., Ltd. has been deeply involved in the deep well pump market, and has become the largest manufacturer and exporter of well submersible pumps in China. "The key to winning the market lies in the 'hard core' strength." The relevant person in charge of the enterprise told us, "through the early industrial chain integration and intelligent factory construction, we have achieved a one-stop process of independent research and development, production and sales. 90% of the links in the industrial chain are in our own hands, achieving accurate control of cost and quality, and improving our adaptability and risk resistance."

seek new development momentum in innovation

in 2019, the sales revenue of Zhejiang Feiyue electromechanical Co., Ltd. was 512million yuan, an increase of 17.65% over 2018, and the global share of its core product vacuum pump reached 60%; There are 123 valid patents authorized in China. Not only won the Wenling municipal government quality award, but also became the "invisible champion enterprise in Zhejiang Province"

the "hero" behind this is the investment in R & D of Feiyue Electromechanical. Over the past three years, the enterprise has invested 64.49 million yuan in the development of 30 new products

it can be said that in Wenling, any aspiring pump enterprise is not willing to "eat the old capital". The "innovation is the first driving force to lead development" proposed in the report of the 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China has long become the consensus of enterprise development. According to statistics, as of September this year, the R & D expenses of the pump and motor industry increased by 29.7%, and the output value of new products increased by 26.1%, reaching 8.643 billion yuan

last year, the pump and motor industry even conquered the difficult technology of permanent magnet motor and issued the industry standard. This is the first group standard in the field of pump permanent magnet motor in China, filling the gap in the national and industrial standards of pump permanent magnet synchronous motor system

"the integrated technology of permanent magnet motor and pump is a remarkable achievement of Wenling enterprise in the process of improving its innovative technology capability and enhancing its product competitiveness." Yeqiaowei, President of Wenling Pump Industry Association, said that in recent years, Wenling pump and motor industry has continued to make efforts in "permanent magnet motor", breaking through the application of permanent magnet motor technology in the pump industry, and gradually promoting the realization of mature industrialization. Leo, New Territories, Dongyin, Dayuan, Xiling and other pump enterprises with a certain scale are laying out permanent magnet motor technology and successfully developing and producing relevant new products

"compared with the current small induction asynchronous motor that small water pumps, air compressors and vacuum pumps rely on, permanent magnet motor products are more efficient, energy-saving, easy to operate and more intelligent." According to yangxueliang, deputy general manager of Zhejiang Xiling Co., Ltd., it is because of mastering the permanent magnet frequency conversion and intelligent control technology when the interval between the two chucks changes that Xiling, which has been focusing on the production of drilling machines, has the courage to cross the border into the water pump industry

"at present, in Wenling, at least 300 enterprises and more than 20 R & D teams are quietly studying the integrated technology of permanent magnet motor and pump every day. The birth of new technology is an opportunity to overtake in a curve. There is no doubt that permanent magnet motor is the future trend for the inspection and quarantine department to strengthen guidance and formulate preventive measures. We must seize the opportunity to enhance the development initiative in turning danger into opportunity." Said Changjiang Sheng, Secretary of Zhejiang Wenling pump and motor technology innovation service platform

seek double transformation under "strong chain" and "complementary chain"

take brand as the stone, quality as the foundation, and innovation as the driving force to stimulate new power on the supply side, which is the answer paper handed over by Wenling pump and motor enterprises. In the past three years, the number of entrepreneurs in the pump and motor industry has increased from 204 in 2017 to 272 in 2019 to 296 in 2020, an increase of 92 in three years. The industry's production capacity increased by 5billion yuan from 40billion yuan in 2017 to 45billion yuan in 2019

"Wenling pump and motor industry has entered a virtuous cycle, and it is necessary to order components from the original manufacturers for replacement. Even under the impact of the epidemic, this year still gave a brilliant report card. In January, the output value of industries above Designated Size reached 17.26 billion yuan, an increase of 9.4% year on year; the sales revenue reached 17.161 billion yuan, an increase of 12.6% year on year; the export delivery value reached 7.32 billion yuan, an increase of 20.1% year on year." The relevant person in charge of the Municipal Bureau of economy and information technology said

however, compared with international advanced industrial clusters, and compared with the external requirements of industrial economic transformation and upgrading in Zhejiang Province, Wenling pump and motor industrial clusters still have many problems to be solved, such as generally small enterprise scale, low brand added value, obvious constraints on supporting factors, and weak independent innovation ability

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