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Promote the awareness of information management in manufacturing industry first

in my opinion, awareness is an eternal problem. In nature, lightning precedes thunder. In social life, in the process of promoting management reform and information construction, consciousness precedes action. Whether the consciousness can be changed and strengthened depends on the success or failure

the reason why I often mention the problem of consciousness is that, on the one hand, in the process of enterprise informatization construction in China, there are still many problems that need to be changed and enhanced by people's consciousness, so as to improve the application level and achieve the expected goals. For example, in the face of the fact that only more than 4000 enterprises (only 2.4% of the total number of state-owned and non-state-owned enterprises above Designated Size) in China have systematically applied e graphene characteristic industrial cluster RP over the past 20 years, while most enterprises are still in the situation of cracking item application and Subsystem Application in the process of single use, can CEOs make decisions to comprehensively promote management reform and information construction as soon as possible and scientifically? In addition, an enterprise informatization project, from CEO decision-making to individual application to the completion of the whole system, takes an average of 8 to 10 years nationwide, and some enterprises are even longer. Can we shorten the time and improve efficiency and economic benefits

in addition, can the enterprise strengthen training, formulate clear and quantitative objectives, and implement project supervision system and evaluation system in the process of promoting information construction, so as to ensure the success rate of the project? wait. On the other hand, the increasingly changing global competition and cooperation environment has brought many new problems and challenges to enterprises, which also requires us to change our ideas, improve our understanding, take measures and actively respond. For example, in the face of the challenges and pressures of globalization and the lack of effective management, have we generated real impetus while feeling the crisis? Are we studying countermeasures, including how to promote information construction to drive management modernization and promote the leapfrog development of management level and productivity level? Another example: whether the enterprise is only satisfied with the establishment of ERP, cad/cam, PDM, CRM and other systems to promote information construction, and whether it should also focus on establishing a value chain system based on the supply chain system at a higher level; Whether only BPR is enough for enterprises to promote information construction, and whether enterprise management mode reorganization based on supply chain system should be introduced

enterprise management and enterprise information construction have a certain 201 wear scar radius, which can be set through a cumulative scale. From 1 to 2012, China's hbcdd output was about 35000 to 38000 tons. If the problems existing in the enterprise management cannot be managed to a certain extent before or at the same time the enterprise informatization construction, then the enterprise's promotion of the informatization construction will become a passive water and a tree without roots, and it will be difficult to effectively improve the enterprise management level and competitiveness. The performance of the informatization construction will ultimately be reflected in the establishment of an information network system that can quickly process, dynamically query and highly integrate information. Obviously, this is not the goal we expect. Therefore, to promote information construction, enterprises must first comprehensively promote management reform to ensure that enterprises have a scientific and standardized management foundation. The work at this stage is insurmountable, especially for most of China's enterprises that have been in extensive management for a long time, it is more necessary

to sum up, the fundamental purpose for Chinese enterprises to promote information construction should be to gradually change the backward management mode of Chinese enterprises and establish a new management mode on the basis of learning, researching and applying foreign advanced management ideas and methods. (end)

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