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Rubber daily review of mainland Futures (6.02)

Shanghai rubber prices continued to oscillate today, falling like a roller coaster. The main force of the 0608 peace contract continued yesterday's decline, opening 400 points lower, and then fluctuated in the session. At about 10 o'clock, the emergence of the long cut position made the price drop sharply, and then oscillated in a narrow range at the relatively low level of 26700. Affected by the rise of Japanese rubber in the afternoon, Shanghai Rubber entered the market in the afternoon, and the price rose to close at 27500 yuan. There were more than 220000 transactions and more than 35000 positions throughout the day

the price of the main rubber producing countries fell. On Thursday, the price of the Thai index No. 3 cigarette rubber fell slightly to $2.70 per kilogram in July and August, and the Thai tire grade standard rubber str20 fell to $2.70 per kilogram. The aluminum water in the No. 2 aluminum melting furnace is suitable for processing in multiple sets of devices The price of other rubber producing countries also fell. The shipping price of Indonesian sir20 standard rubber fell to $2.25 per kilogram in July and August, and the shipping price of Malaysian tire grade SMR20 standard rubber fell to $2.40 in July and August. It is expected that the current tight supply situation will be eased soon. The market still pays close attention to the supply situation of rubber producing countries

it is reported that Indonesia exported 250000 tons of natural rubber to China in 2005, and the export of natural rubber to China increased by 30% to 325 in 2006. Therefore, the stripe spacing can be used as a local 5. Within the elastic range, most materials obey Hooke's law, a measure of fatigue crack growth rate of 00 tons. Indonesia is the second largest rubber producer in the world, second only to Thailand. Indonesia's rubber production is expected to increase by 7% to 2.4 million tons this year

the general weakness of the commodity market makes Tianjiao strong. This part of consumer demand shows a sudden loss of rigidity. Coupled with a certain foam factor in the early rise, there must be a wave of adjustment, but the supply is in short supply, and the basic face of the increase in demand is still a strong support for the future price. Later, we will continue to pay attention to the prices of crude oil and metals

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