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Maintenance is the guarantee to extend the service life of the impact crusher

maintenance is the guarantee to extend the service life of the impact crusher

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in order to ensure that the impact crusher can better operate continuously in the sand production line and extend the service life of the equipment, users should carry out regular maintenance and upkeep

after the new machine is put into operation, it is necessary to carry out a comprehensive inspection on the counterattack at the end of each shift. Conduct a comprehensive inspection of the motor and lubrication after weekly operation. The inspection contents include the fastening of fixed parts, belt drive, bearing seal, impact lining plate, and the wear of lining plate. The inspection shall be carried out in full position, and the regular maintenance and replacement system shall be established in combination with the inspection cycle

routine inspection and maintenance should include the adjustment of the gap between the rotor of the impact crusher and the impact lining plate, the timely replacement of vulnerable parts, and the regular inspection of the plate hammer, lining plate, bearing temperature, etc

when the rotor of the impact crusher is running, the gap between the rotor and the impact liner cannot be adjusted. If the materials are blocked between the reaction plate and the shell, it is recommended to slightly lift the reaction frame between readjusting the gap, so that the blocked feeding will become loose and the reaction frame can be easily adjusted. If the counterattack degree continues to rise in the dry bulk shipping market on the 2nd, it is not enough, you can tap on the relaxed pull rod (protected by a piece of wood), and the gap between the rotor and the counterattack lining plate is completed by the beam adjusting device of the machine. First loosen the bolt sleeve, and then roll the long nut. At this time, the pull rod will move upward, and the adjustment is to tighten the screw sleeve

when replacing vulnerable parts of impact crusher, first open it and then put it on the shelf. When in use, first remove the connecting bolts between the rear upper frame and the middle box, then screw them to the hexagon of the flip device with a wrench, and then open the upper frame vertically. At the same time, the suspension device above the rack can be used to lift the rear rack. Repeat the above process, that is, close and put on the shelf. When the impact breaking hammer is worn to a certain extent, it should be adjusted or replaced in time to avoid the damage of fasteners and other parts. Open the rear upper cover, remove the split pin, slotted nut and bolt used to fix the impact lining plate, and then replace the worn impact lining plate. If installing a new counterattack liner, invert the above steps immediately. In addition, in normal operation, it is necessary to check the bearing temperature of the crusher in time. If there are abnormalities and the cluster development is better understood, it is likely that there is too much and insufficient grease, or the grease is dirty, and the bearing is damaged. At this time, it is necessary to check the amount of grease in time, or replace the grease, and the dispersed microfiber of the bearing can enhance the toughness, etc

if you want the impact crusher to have a long service life and high production efficiency in the sand production line, Red Star Machine reminds you that you also need to pay more attention to maintenance and repair in the process of daily use

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