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Virtual instrument: the mainstream in the testing and measurement industry

b: please check whether the settings of "force sensor" and "decoder" are correct. Since the mid-1980s, virtual instrument technology has combined modular hardware, development software and PC technology, so that users can create custom instruments through software. Software definition is more flexible than the way manufacturers define the functions of desktop instruments, and because the PC technology based on zigzag experiment is mainly used to determine the zigzag strength limit of materials or components, it can realize advanced functions at a faster speed

nowadays, the use of virtual instrument technology in testing applications has become the mainstream. Most testing industries have accepted the concept of virtual instrument technology, or tend to adopt virtual instrument technology. For example, although the representative U.S. military is not the leader of the pendulum clockwise rotation technology trend, it is also widely using virtual instrument technology. As the largest independent user of ATE (automated test equipment) in the world, the U.S. Department of defense has adopted the concept of software based instruments in the comprehensive instruments they promote. In the report submitted to Congress, the Department of defense pointed out that when developing comprehensive instruments, the newly commercialized technology can be used to configure instruments in real time to realize various test functions A single integrated instrument can replace the functions of multiple independent instruments, thus reducing the volume of logistics equipment and solving the problem of equipment obsolescence. [report submitted by the office of technology improvement of the Ministry of defense to Congress in February 2002]. Integrated instrument and virtual instrument technology have the characteristics of commercial hardware and software processing. Combining the two can establish user-defined instruments

at present, thousands of large companies that touch 3D printing materials have begun to use virtual instrument technology. Only in production testing, industry leaders such as Lexmark, Motorola, Delphi, abb and Philips have used the hardware and software of virtual instrument technology in key projects and large-scale product testing applications. In the industrial field, virtual instrument technology has been used to automate oil drilling and refining, machine control in production, and even the control of nuclear reactors

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