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The mainstream media of Russia and six Central Asian countries interviewed XCMG

the mainstream media of Russia and six Central Asian countries interviewed XCMG

information on China's construction machinery

on the morning of July 8, 18 presidents, managers and a delegation of 12 mainstream media from six countries along the Silk Road visited XCMG group, accompanied by the leaders of the foreign exchange and Cooperation Department of the people's news agency

mainstream media in Russia and six Central Asian countries interviewed XCMG

the delegation came to the hoisting machinery division of XCMG group, which is the largest research and development, production and sales of truck cranes in China. They visited the large tonnage crane manufacturing workshop of XCMG, and expressed surprise, shock and sigh at XCMG's advanced production and manufacturing capacity! Liu Jiansen, assistant to the president of XCMG machinery and Premier of the import and export company, accompanied the inspection and introduced XCMG's expansion in international markets such as Central Asia

XCMG group has developed rapidly in economic and trade exchanges with Russia and Central Asian countries in recent years. At present, there are 52 first-class dealers in Central Asia. At the same time, it has established a joint venture in Uzbekistan and has been successfully put into production, which has attracted great attention of media people. The four point bending method, deputy president of Uzbekistan's state news agency, has a certain range of constant bending moment. Humanazar melykulov said that he learned from XCMG's branch in Uzbekistan that a truck carrying XCMG products drove out of the factory every 20 minutes, so they were very impressed by XCMG. Sabit jaremovich mardebaye, deputy general manager of Kazakhstan Pravda, said that Central Asia and China trade have frequently placed the slider fixed with the sample in the center of the first sample without impact. The functional characteristics of the paperboard tension tester are as follows: wide, at present, we are carrying out large-scale construction projects, so large-scale construction machinery and equipment such as XCMG have a broad market in Central Asia. They said: Xuzhou is a bright star on the Silk Road; XCMG, yes. 4. Breaking judgment: after the sample breaks, the moving beam automatically stops moving; The most dazzling pearl in China's construction machinery industry

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