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The maintenance Corps came out at night and Volvo returned to Chang'an Street

the maintenance Corps came out at night and Volvo returned to Chang'an Street

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on September 3 last year, the grand military parade ceremony was still vivid, and at that time, the new style of Chang'an Street was even more impressive - as the first street in China, Chang'an Street was busy every day, and tourists from all over the world continued

in order to cooperate with the special treatment work of improving the public space landscape of Chang'an Street, the overhaul project of the west section of Chang'an Street (Wukesong Gucheng Street section) was quietly started in April this year, with a total length of 7.3 kilometers. The construction content mainly includes the maintenance of roads, drainage, overpasses and other facilities. In terms of construction equipment, Volvo Construction equipment, which previously had excellent performance in 2009, was once again selected by the construction party as the main machine, and the transmission was stable to undertake the paving task

three Volvo abg8820 pavers work and construction

in order not to affect the normal road traffic during the day, the road pavement time of Chang'an Street is set at 12:00 to 5:00 every morning, and the construction is carried out by half open circuit. This means that every day the construction personnel have to do the asphalt layer from the subbase, and the process is complex. In order to save construction time, the construction workers of the same year will drive the paver, roller and other equipment near the construction site in advance, and organize technicians to overhaul and maintain the equipment before each construction, so as to ensure that equipment failure will not occur during the construction process

at 12 o'clock every day, the construction area will be sealed by engineers with conical markers in advance, and then asphalt trucks, pavers, rollers and other construction equipment will enter the site in turn. Three Volvo abg8820b pavers will then start to show their "magic power" and carry out asphalt paving and compaction operations together with rollers

Volvo abg8820 paver data map

Chang'an Street has a wide road, but our production experimental machine is reliable, our production experimental machine has stable performance, and our production experimental machine can share customers' worries. In front of the Volvo paver equipped with an ultra long screed, these operations have also become very convenient. In less than 4 hours, the operation of about 600 meters was completed. At 4:50 a.m., the construction equipment began to leave the site one after another. The construction personnel can eliminate the above phenomena as long as they replace or clean the gauze quickly, and draw temporary traffic markings on the newly paved road. A new section of road began a new day's journey

after the completion of the overhaul of Wukesong Gucheng Street section, 26.8 kilometers from Gucheng street to Sihui overpass of Chang'an Street have been completely renovated and thickened. It is believed that the ancient and majestic Chang'an Street will surely witness more colorful moments in the future

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