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Carter Intelligence: a "new weapon" of the "old Jianghu"

Carter Intelligence: a "new weapon" of the "old Jianghu"

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Hunan in July is not cool even at night. On a summer night in 2011, Chenzhou was already asleep at this time. On a construction site outside the urban area, several large-scale construction machinery filled in the basic parameters according to (a), mainly including the inspection unit, testing unit, batch number, date, experimental ambient temperature, specification, etc., but they were busy working. The rumbling sound made people feel the hot construction site as hot as the temperature. What is being built here is the first two-way six lane Expressway in Hunan Province - Guiwu expressway. After the line is connected, it will greatly alleviate the traffic pressure of the Beijing Hong Kong Macao Expressway and play an important role in the economic development of central and southern Hunan. Liu mumin, the owner who subcontracted the road section, and his construction team have been fighting here for nearly three months. In a few days, they will become the first team to complete the project. As an old Jianghu who has been struggling in the field of highway construction for decades, the "new weapon" applied this time made Liu herdsman one month ahead of the original completion time. At the beginning of undertaking the project, he didn't even find a suitable grader operator

urgent "wisdom"

Liu mumin's task is to construct the upper layer of the soil subgrade and the cushion between the soil subgrade and the water stable layer. After receiving this project, Liu mumin went to Xinchang Hunan leasing company to rent graders and other equipment as usual. However, he was very worried about the delay in finding a suitable operator. The grader is almost the most difficult to control among all earth moving equipment, but it is also the key equipment to realize the cushion accuracy and flatness that Liu mumin wants to do, so the requirements for the operator are very high. Over the years, an experienced and skilled grader operator is hard to find. After learning about his difficulties, Xinchang, a local cat dealer, introduced the concept of digital construction to him. However, the difficulty of realizing the high development cost of digital construction still needs to be solved further. The sharp weapon is Carter's intelligent slope control system. Liu mumin is a bold boss. Although he has heard of Carter intelligence for a long time, he has not actually contacted it. Out of full trust in caterpillar, Liu mumin accepted this new concept in fear, and conducted a short training with an operator who was ordered in a crisis and had no experience in using graders

Liu mumin (middle) is learning Carter slope control system

it is gratifying and surprising to actively carry out strategic cooperation with downstream enterprises. With Carter's intelligent slope control system, this novice operator drove cat 140k grader and easily made a project that met the standard. As the slope control system partially replaced the traditional surveying and setting out, which greatly saved time, the new operator even achieved the operation efficiency and quality beyond the skilled operator. The originally planned four month construction period was only three months. The project was successfully accepted, and the owner and supervisor greatly appreciated Liu mumin's construction technology and construction speed, which also made him win a good reputation nearby. The luck of other subcontractors was slightly worse. Not long after the completion of Liu herdsman, continuous rainfall began in Hunan. It was not until November that other construction teams were completed and left the site in succession. At this time, it was four months since Liu herdsman left the site. This successful application of Carter intelligence brightened Liu mumin's eyes. After careful consideration, he decided to set up a digital company to specially use intelligent equipment for construction, mainly for those projects that require high precision and tight construction period

grader equipped with Carter slope control system

Carter slope control system uses the measurement technology and sensors installed on the machine to measure the position of the bucket or blade, and automatically or guided to adjust the bucket or blade according to the requirements of the digital design drawings, so as to realize intelligent construction. These high-precision technologies help to complete the work faster, reduce fuel and material consumption, and provide real-time feedback to the operator to improve the finishing quality. Users can flexibly choose their own solutions according to their actual needs and budgets. What Liu mumin used in this project is the slope control system guided by the total station. Under the precise guidance of the system, it can minimize the dependence on the subjective experience of the operator and make the operation more accurate and intuitive, even at night or underwater; It can avoid the tedious measurement and pile setting on site, save a lot of human labor such as pile driving and pile guarding, and reduce the potential safety hazards on the construction site. The operator can make the grader work more effectively, greatly reduce repeated actions, and form at one time. In addition, the most exciting thing for Liu herdsman in this project is that the slope control system has helped him save 27.8% of his comprehensive costs compared with the previous ones, including labor costs, fuel costs and equipment rental costs

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