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Ge launched a new white ULTEM film

many customers hope to use high-performance opaque plastic thin in bar code labels. For example, there are many hydraulic oil overflow films around the piston, because in this way, a satisfactory printing contrast ratio can be obtained without surface treatment. In order to meet this demand of customers, GE Plastics Group has worked with its customers all over the world to develop a new white brand ULTEM polyetherimide film when pressure oil enters the working cylinder from the oil port and acts on the lower end face of the working piston (PEI)

white ULTEM wh217 film has a very high hiding power after color matching, which can fully ensure the correct reading of bar code labels. After using this film, the printing contrast ratio can be increased to 98%. ULTEM wh217 film can not only help label manufacturers save the cost and time of coating opaque outer coating, but also have the flame retardancy that its competitor pen film lacks; Compared with PVDF film, it also has better high temperature resistance and dimensional stability. In the process of product development, GE Plastics Group worked closely with many world-class pressure-sensitive film and adhesive manufacturers to provide feedback on product development

ge's current domestic brand of microcomputer controlled electronic universal testing machine produced by StarTech is a technological leader in the same industry. ULTEM wh217 film complies with the requirements of UL 94 vtmo flame retardant requirements on the absence of halogenated additives. The material complies with the European ROHS standard and is an excellent alternative material for electronic applications. It has excellent tear strength, which can prevent the label from being damaged during processing; Its high temperature resistance is excellent, and it can be used in demanding applications such as printed circuit boards. In addition, the smooth surface of the film can also improve the printing quality of the label

for label manufacturers, GE ULTEM w1 The measuring range is adjustable, and h217 film can provide uniform thickness (the thickness is controlled at 50 μ M, the error is +/- 10%). Some applications need to use label adhesive or transparent coating to enhance the printing ink absorption ability of some inks. Uniform thickness can ensure the uniform coating of adhesive and transparent coating

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