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China's "new weapon" of metal corrosion prevention

the problems of serious pollution of "three wastes" and low corrosion resistance of galvanizing technology, which are common in China's electroplating industry, can be solved after 2000. On July 22, a new anti-corrosion treatment process for steel products, vacuum powder zincification technology, passed the technical appraisal in Nantong City, Jiangsu Province

according to the data, the loss caused by corrosion in the use of steel in China is about 20billion yuan every year in order to achieve the best experimental effect. Due to the current full concept: plastic polymers through the addition of functional additives, additives, fillers, etc., or through the blending of different polymers, more than 10000 electroplating manufacturers in the country generally adopt electrogalvanizing, hot dip galvanizing, hot spray galvanizing and other technologies, in terms of coating, precision, strength, hardness There are serious problems in the discharge of "three wastes", which restrict the development of metal corrosion prevention industry. In 1999, the engineering and technical personnel of Jiangsu Rudong Suyuan Industrial Corporation formed a research and development team in response to the information that vacuum zincification technology is widely used internationally. On the basis of developing a complete set of advanced and practical zincification processing equipment by self-reliance, scientific researchers conducted hundreds of comparative tests on relevant technical parameters in accordance with international standards, and finally mastered the technical points of vacuum powder zincification, The products have been tested by the national machinery industry material performance testing technology center, Shanghai Material Research Institute and Shanghai Daily Hardware Industry Research Institute. All performance indicators meet international standards. After being used by many users, the products have been well reflected and have begun to be exported in batches

relevant experts pointed out that the vacuum zincification technology developed by Rudong Suyuan Industrial Corporation is widely used in machinery, chemical industry, electric power, shipbuilding, railway, transportation, urban construction, environmental protection, civil and other industries. Compared with traditional electroplating and hot-dip galvanizing, the zincified layer has higher hardness, wear resistance, more than twice the service life of traditional anti-corrosion coatings, and better anti-corrosion effect. Moreover, the workpiece is not deformed, and the thickness of the layer is uniform Controlled, it is not only applicable to large workpiece galvanizing, but also applicable to parts requiring strict control of dimensional error, and greatly improves the environment, reaching the domestic advanced level

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